Panthers cause boilover – Nepean league


PEARCEDALE caused one of the boilovers of the season on Anzac Day when they thrashed Somerville in Nepean League.

The Panthers led from the start to the end and totally dominated a lacklustre opposition, winning 15.8 (98) to 9.15 (69).

Pearcedale fielded its strongest side of the season and probably the strongest side it can field for the year.

The likes of Troy Jacobson was back from Frankston Dolphins, Basil Sibasado was cleared for one game from the Kimberley’s and Mornington recruit Kallum Searle made his debut for the Panthers.

As it turned out, Jacobson finished the afternoon with three goals and Sibasado booted a couple.

Pat Heijden led from the front with six goals and was the difference between the sides. It was a sensational effort from Heijden, considering the domination of the Somerville defence in the opening round of the season.

Prior to the clash, Pearcedale coach Jamie Merchan was confident that his side would perform well.

“Despite a pretty poor showing against Devon Meadows, I thought we did quite well against Rye,” Merchan said.

“We allowed the opposition too many forward entries but I think if we can put some more midfield pressure on and cut those down, we are right in the game.

Somerville’s strength in 2015 has been its pressure around the footy but Pearcedale was better than the opposition in that department on Saturday.

Alex Harnett got a heap of the footy and Ben Mitchell led from the front. Mitchell, at his very best, is arguably the most dominant ruckman in the competition and he proved that on Saturday.

Up against the very polished Eagles’ skipper in Justin Farrelly, Mitchell certainly had the better of the dual.

Salt was rubbed into the wounds of Somerville went coach David Hirst went off early in the game. He didn’t reappear with what appeared to be a leg injury.

Hirst has been positive and up and about in the opening rounds of the season and certainly throughout the pre-season, however, suffice to say he wasn’t happy with his teams output.

Perhaps the Eagles started to read their own press. It may be only a 16-round season but there’s still plenty of footy to be played.

Tom Shaw was the only multiple goal kicker for the Eagles with two goals.

Luke Collie is a jet and he played well again, while Rohan Hogenbirk played his best game this season for the Eagles. Ben Sedgewick and Tommy Simpson also worked hard.

Matt White is one of the most underrated players in the competition and his tenacity and composure under pressure in the back half of the ground is extremely consistent.

Dean Janssen is another one who just does what he can for his teammates and the jumper he represents. He was at his typical best again on Saturday.

On the back of two beltings in the opening rounds of the season, this could be the corner turner that Pearcedale needs.

They’ll lose a few from this side the next time they run out but should now have the confidence that they can match it with the most talented lists in the competition.


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