Train service to remain the same


The secretary of the Frankston Football Club acknowledges with thanks a donation of £1 1s from Mr Booth.


Mr S. S. Price, dentist, of Melbourne, wishes it known that he will attend at Garroods’ Hotel, Frankston, this week-end, for the convenience of those who may wish to consult him.


Three of Miss O. Sherlock’s pupils were successful in the musical examinations for May, held by the Musical Society of Victoria. Among the names of the students who have passed are: Honors in piano, Pass in Theory, Willmott Croskell. Pass in Piano, Dorothea Thornell, and Florence Vines.


The married ladies of the Frankston Methodist Church have proved their ability to run a social evening. Judging from the finished style which was everywhere in evidence on Friday night last, it was not the first social they have had a hand in.

On account of not having advertised long enough, the attendance was not as large as it otherwise would have been, but the sum of £1 17s was taken for the Church Organ Fund, for which object the effort was made.

A new organ for the church was urgently needed, and since being installed has made things much pleasanter for everybody concerned, and to pay for it the church people have decided to hold socials now and again, to raise funds.

Sixpence was all that was asked for admission, and included a splendid programme of songs and recitations, and a first class supper.

Mrs Jackson presided, and before closing the entertainment, called upon Mr Corlett to move a vote of thanks, as there was not a married lady present who had not helped, in some way, to make the evening a success.

Mr Jackson seconded the motion, and thanked all who had contributed towards the evening’s enjoyment, including Mrs Malcom, Mrs M’Cormack, Mrs Lawrey, Mrs Thompson, and Miss Sherlock.

The married men have volunteered to see the next social through, and it has been fixed for some time next month, when it is to be hoped their efforts will be crowned with success.


A MEETING of the members of the Frankston Patriotic Committee was held in the Mechanics’ Hall on Wednesday evening, Dr Maxwell in the chair.

The meeting was poorly attended, owing to the inclement weather.

On the minutes of last meeting being confirmed, Dr Plowman (hon treasurer) read a statement of the state of the finances which showed that after the last meeting there was a balance in hand of £1 3s 8d, since then there has been collected £80 5s 2d, making a total in hand of £81 8s 10d.

Dr Plowman said that all the amounts received had been acknowledged through the ‘Standard,’ but he had received 10s from a gentleman at the train one morning just as it was leaving, and when he came to enter it he had forgotten the donor’s name so he had entered it as ‘Unknown.’

The only expenses incurred was 25s for postage and printing. He suggested that £50 be forwarded to the Belgian Fund out of the money in hand.

The chairman said that it was for the meeting to decide how much would be sent. He thought the whole of the £80 was earmarked for that fund.

Captain Sherlock suggested that £60 be sent, and moved to that effect. Se- conded by Mrs Deane, and carried, Captain Sherlock, on behalf of the ladies’ committee said they were still pegging away, and though might not be able to send in as much as they did before, they would forward what they could to the treasurer of the fund.

Mr C. P. Watson, on behalf of Master Bachelor Garrood (3 years old) handed in £4, contents of his money box, to be given to the Belgian Fund. Dr Plowman here stated that he had received up to date for the fund the handsome sum of £242 7s 3d.

Hearty votes of thanks were passed to the following for their efforts in raising funds :Mrs Lewis, Miss Trenoweth, Mrs Dial, Langwarrin Tennis Club, Ladies Collecting Committee, and Master B. Garrood.

A meeting of the Presentation Com- mittee was held immediately after the above meeting, when the treasurer (Dr Plowman) reported that after the last lot of watches and medals had been paid for and all other expenses met, there was a balance in hand of £7 2s 2d.

The proceeds of the last concert am- ounted to £11 10s 2d. It was resolved, on the motion of Cr Oates, seconded by Mr Young, that the presentation of souvenirs to several other of the residents who had enlisted from this district be held over till the next public presentation.


The tender of Messrs Watt and Mathierson, Sorrento, of £352 15s 9d has been accepted, for repairs to jetty and approaches, at Portsea.


Owing to the rain on Monday evening the entertainment to have been given by “Linco” the Master Magician, in the Frankston Hall, was postponed till this (Saturday) evening, when it is to be hoped the weather will prove more favorable, as we understand the entertainment is well worth seeing, and has only to be seen to be appreciated.


Next Monday (Empire Day) the   children at the Frankston school will be entertained in the school grounds in the afternoon and in the evening an up-to-date picture show will be given by Mr Alex Gunn, of Melbourne,in the hall, to which they will be admitted for the small sum of one penny, adults being charged 6d. any surplus to go towards the Belgian fund. The doors will be opened at 7 o’clock and pictures show at 7 30 sharp.


MR Frank Church, one of the best  known and respected residents of the Langwarrin district, passed away peacefully, at the Alfred Hospital, on Saturday evening last, May 15th.

Deceased, who was 47 years of age, had resided in this district for the last 30 years, and by his thorough integrity and fine genuine character, had earned the respect of the whole community, and much regret is felt by all who knew him at his death, at so early an age.


THE train service on the Mornington and Stony Point line is, the Railway Commissioners told a deputation from the Federated Progress Associations of Mornington Peninsula on Tuesday, considered to be ample for present requirements.

They explained that they could not run the morning train to Melbourne and the evening train from Melbourne express north of Frankston, because this would necessitate additional trains, which present conditions by no means justified.

With the advent of electrification they hoped to be able to arrange through runs over longer distances than at present. They were considering a request made some time ago for an additional train about midday between Frankston and Mornington.

They promised to send an officer of the department to the district to inquire into the suggestion to establish a flag station between Crib Point and Bittern.

From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 22 May, 1915

First published in the Mornington News – 19 May 2015


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