Cranbourne road fatal accident


MISS Nellie Jolly, of Frankston, is at present on a holiday in Brisbane, Queensland.


TRADESMEN are reminded that it is necessary to renew their tobacco licenses on or before 1st July next, thus avoiding trouble.


MR S. S. Price, dentist, will be in attendance at weekend at Garroods’ Prince of Wales Hotel of June 27th, and July 11th and 25th.


A meeting of ladies and committee of Frankston Football Club will meet in the Mechanics’ Institute, on Monday evening, for the purpose of taking steps to get up a concert to clear off the debt at present existing on the club.


THE following names were inadvertently omitted in our last issue as having been collected by means of the monthly collecting cards in aid of the Belgian fund:—Connie Mason 10s 6d, Louie Coxell 3s.


MR L. Wilding, who is well known on the Peninsula, and has carried on the business of an estate agent, has been accepted as a volunteer for the front, and has received instructions to report himself at Broadmeadows in about ten days.


THE annual meeting of the Frankston Tennis Club will be held in the Mechanics’ Institute, on Saturday evening next, at 8 o’clock, when members and intending members will be made welcome. The business will be election of officers and routine.


THE members of the Frankston Progress Association would be pleased to see a large number of willing hands to assist in clearing the rubbish from the reserve in front of the tennis court on Wednesday and Saturday afternoon next. Rakes spades and axes will be needed.


MESSRS Alex Scott and Co will hold an unreserved clearing and property sale at Shoreham on Friday next, by order of the executrix of the late Mr John J. Smidt. The property consists of Crown allots in parish of Flinders and a township block in Flinders. The stock, implements and furniture will also he sold. Full particulars are advertised in another column.


THE drawing for the Eiderdown Quilt given by business people of Frankston, in aid of the distressed Belgians took place in the Mechanics’ Hall on Saturday evening under the supervision of a committee of Ladies.

The winning ticket (No 1023) was held by Mrs Acland, of Camberwell road, Auburn. Nearly 3000 tickets were disposed of at one penny each which speaks well for the energy shown by the hon. secretary (Mr M. Brody) and his assistants.

The fund will benefit to the extent of £10 by the effort. The following is a statement of the receipts and expenditure. —Receipts—Sale of tickets. £12, money collected, 30s; total £13 10. Expenditure—Printing tickets £2; cost of quilt 30s, credit balance £10, total £13 10s.


A fatal accident occurred on Monday evening on the Cranbourne road, the victim being a farmer, named Patrick Lyons, 52 years of age, residing at Pearcedale.

It appears that the deceased, in company with his son, aged about 14 years, and a man named H Smith were returning from the Cranbourne Market half past five in the evening, when about 4 miles on the journey, Lyons sat on a bag of chaff, and jolting of the cart cause, him to fall out over the back.

The son tried to assist his father, but the latter told him to let him alone and take the horse and cart home, and when he felt better he would come after him. This the lad did, and the following morning the dead body of Lyons was found by a young man named Savage.

The body was conveyed to Frankston, where a post-mortem examination was held by Dr Maxwell, who found that the deceased had met his death by falling in an alcoholic coma. The coroner communicated with but he did not consider that an inquiry was necessary and the body was buried in Cranbourne Cemetery on Thursday afternoon.


FRANKSTON Red Cross Society. A public meeting, convened by Mr Brody, was held in the Mechanics’ Hall, Frankston, on Thursday evening, June 17th. There was a large attendance, and Dr Maxwell was voted to the chair.

Mr Brody explained his object in calling the meeting was to start a properly organised local committee to raise funds for Red Cross work.

A letter to Mrs Deane, from Mr Walter C. Towns, official organiser, Federal Government House, Melbourne, of Australian Branch of the Red Cross Society, was read by Rev Kitchen.

It was decided to form a branch to be known as the Frankston Red Cross Society, the Committee of management to consist of 7 ladies.

The following names were nominated —Mesdames Kitchen, Jackson, Max- well, O’Grady, H. McComb, Deane, and Miss Watson.

The committee are to meet, by kind invitation, at the Vicarage, at 3 p.m, on Saturday, June 19th, to elect officers, collectors and workers.

Rev Kitchen, on behalf of St Paul’s Club, promised an entertainment in about 4 weeks, and Mr Brody to arrange an entertainment at an early date.

  Miss Minnie Frost proposed to form a Girls’ Club, to work for the Frankston Red Cross Branch. Mesdames Maxwell, Walsh, Connell, Deane, and O’Grady promised use of room and sewing machines.

The first meeting will be held at Mrs Deane’s residence, on Tuesday evening, June 22nd, at 8 o’clock, to form their own committee.


ST Paul’s Club socials are becoming quite popular judging by the attendance at the last two which have been held. On Tuesday night last, the hall was well filled by an expectant audience who, as time went on, got more than they expected.

The commotion caused by some at the rear of the hall was disgusting to say the least of it ,and its hoped steps will be taken to have such offensive behavior checked in future.

Under the circumstances, the dialogues were thoroughly successful.

The stage which was arranged with excellent tastes, was divided into two compartments, on representing a breakfast room and the other a garden.

At the concert Mr. W. Cal who was in splendid voice, sang ‘My little home in the West’ and was loudly applauded.


THE monthly meeting of the Frankston Progress Association was held on Wednesday evening in the Mechanics’ Institute, the following members being present:—Dr Maxwell (in the chair), Rev. G. A. Kitchen, Messrs McComb, Hay, Oates, Richardson, Wheeler, Young, Dalman, Bonner and W. Gregory (hon. sec). The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 19 June, 1915

First published in the Mornington News – 16 June 2015


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