Green light for speed cut


DESPITE strong community pressure to keep speed limits as they are, VicRoads is proceeding to reduce Coolart Rd to 80kph.

“To make this road safer right now, the speed limit needs to be reduced and we will start working on making repairs on the road to improve the condition of the road,” VicRoads Metro South East regional director Aidan McGann said.

He said that a large part of the community had expressed a desire to retain a higher speed along the road and suggested that VicRoads should instead make the road safer with widening and repairs and improve lighting.

Mr McGann said VicRoads had received more than 650 responses to a survey and hundreds of comments on social media “which has created a clear picture of what the community is seeking”.

“The big message we have received is that there are sections of Coolart Rd that are in need of urgent repair. Some people have said they don’t feel safe on the road, because of the road condition.

“Bringing the road up to a standard where the community feels safer is a high priority and this will be given a lot of attention in the next 12 months”.

A follow-up survey would be made in 12 months.

“In the short term, VicRoads with the support of Victoria Police, will press ahead with reducing the speed limit to 80kph,” Mr McGann said.

“Many people have expressed concerns with the behaviour of some drivers using this road, with speeding and reckless overtaking being specifically mentioned.”

First published in the Mornington News – 23 June 2015


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