Dromana to announce its team of the century


DROMANA Football Club will announce its Team of the Century and Teams of the Decade over the past 70 years at a special gala function next season.

All members of Teams of the Decade (TOTD) will be notified of their selection in the next six weeks to give them plenty of time to plan to attend. Almost all of these players will have met the criteria to be a member of the main team.

Each of the TOTD will have a coach, captain and vice-captain, as well as an interchange of six.

The Team of the Century will only feature players post World War II. This team will feature captain, coach, vice-captain and an interchange of 12.

The selection committee is made up of eight Life Members, including six former players who have played a total of 1060 senior games for the club from the early 1950s.

With quite a number of players being named in two TOTD, the club has a total of 142 individual players and two non-playing coaches.

Dromana Football Club would like the assistance of the footy public to locate the following nominees for the 1946-55 team or family members. They are Alan Hosking, Vern Humphreys, Ken Coy, Jack Duncan, Harold Parkes, Doug Goad, Gordon Johnson, and former Army/Balcombe member Peter Burns.

Another player who the club last heard was in Western Australia and is in both 76/85 and 86/95 teams and played a total of 201 senior games is Michael James.

As a matter of history, Wally Guy first played in the 1931 premiership team and was capt/coach of the 1937/40/50 teams. His younger brother Eric (later St Kilda legend) played in the 1950 premiership and in 1958 after seven years in retirement, Wally came back and played in 1958 when another brother Ivan joined the club.

Former post 1940 players who played at least 175 club games have been recognised previously by the club with certificates given to family members and will have that recognition exhibited on an honour board next season.

First published in the Mornington News – 25 August 2015


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