Salvation Army lecture this week


PROFESSOR C. Mudd will hold services in connection with the Methodist Home Missions on Sunday, 24th inst. He will preach at Frankston in the morning, Langwarrin in the afternoon and Somerville in the evening.


A bazaar in aid of the Church of England renovation fund will be opened in the Hastings Town Hall on Friday evening next at 7.30 o’clock, and will be continued on Saturday afternoon and evening.  The local band will play selections during both evenings. We understand there will be a good display of useful and fancy articles on the various stalls, which will be offered to the public at reasonable rates.


MRS Commissioner Hay, of the Salvation Army, will deliver her well known lecture, entitled “The Salvation Army among the troops in camp and abroad,” in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Wednesday evening next. The chair will be occupied by Rev R. Jackson. Mrs Hay has the reputation of being a fluent speaker and the subject matter of the lecture should prove interesting.


AS announced elsewhere in this issue the annual spring show of the Moorabbin Horticultural Society takes place on the 13th November at the Recreation Reserve, Cheltenham. The committee this year have made the entry fees very low and the prize money also, with the idea of raising £100 for the benefit of the Australian sick and wounded soldiers’ fund.

  The management informs us that arrangements are being made for exhibitors to denote on their entry forms any exhibits they are prepared to give to wards this fund. An auction sale will be held on the show grounds during the afternoon for the purpose of disposing of the goods. Further enquiries will be answered on application to the hon secs, Messrs R. L. Amess and T H Ould, at the show office, Cheltenham, from whom schedules, entry forms, and member’s tickets can be obtained.


THE annual meeting of the Dromana Sports Club was held in the Dromana Hall on Saturday night last. The president of the club, Mr J. Matthews, occupied the chair. The secretary submitted the balance-sheet, duly audited, which showed the club to be in a good financial position, with a credit balance of £36 7s, and a membership of over 50.

  The Boxing Day meeting passed off successfully, showing a profit to the club. The amount of stake money paid away amounted £33 10-, being the largest amount ever previously paid out by the club. The takings at the booth, which was conducted by the club. amounted to £18 12s 3d, which after deducting expenses showed a profit of slightly over £5.

  The president stated that they had decided to recognise the services of their secretary. He had  some extra work over the meeting in journeying to Mornington on the club’s business in connection with the booth.

  On the motion of J C. Dyson and A. Clydesdale, it was unanimously agreed to vote the secretary an honorarium of 6 guineas in recognition of his services. In returning thanks the secretary said he did not expect to be so liberally treated. It was pleasant to know that his efforts have passed off successfully. If re-elected and the club decided to run a patriotic race meeting in aid of returned, wounded Australians, he would accept no honorarium in carrying out the secretarial work of the club for such a deserving cause.

  One of their brother committeemen and several members of the club were now on active service, fighting in the defence of their home land and the Empire, although far away some of them had been thoughtful and wrote enquiring about the club’s welfare. After discussion it was decided to hold a patriotic meeting in aid of returned, wounded Australians on a date to be fixed early in February in preference to Boxing Day


VICTORIAN State School Children and War Relief Fund. Mr A. C. Witton, Accountant to the Victorian Education Department, and Hon Treasurer to the Departments Patriotic Fund reports £34,388 14s to date. The Australia Day effort alone brought in £4,604. The latter amount has been specially set aside for wounded soldiers in the State.

  A few particulars taken from the Education Gazette showing the amount contributed by scholars towards War fund up to Aug 15th, 1915. The total amount collected to that date was £31,600 also 198,020 articles such as shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, mittens and balaclava caps were handed in for the use of our troops abroad.       Schools throughout this district are credited with the following amounts, —Frankston, £17 1s 9d; Mornington, £19 4s 2d; Chelsea, £27 12s 11d; Cranbourne £56 14s 2d; Hastings £13 12s 6d; Sorrento £32 2s 0d; Somerville £8 16d 11d; Seaford £3 1d 10d Red Hill £8 1s 6d; Mt Eliza £6 0 7d; Mornington Junct. £3 13s 4d; Langwarrin north £5 7s 9d; Carrum Downs £11 15s 11d; Dromana £7 13s; Moorooduc, £9 1s 6d; Rosebud £12 8s; Pearcedale £36 15s 10d; Tyabb £10 3s 7d; Flinders £15 15s 7d; Balnarring, £21 16s 5d; Crib Point, £7 5s.

  For the past three weeks, an examiner from the Defence Department has been at work inspecting and stamping garments etc made by school girls, and lady teachers for our troops abroad, 42 cases containing hospital stores, shirts, socks, handkerchiefs, mittens and balaclava caps are now ready to go by the next available transport.

  In all, 198,020 articles have been received at the Depot from the schools. Of these 143,000 have been dispatched to Egypt. It is satisfactory to know that all this stuff has arrived safely and has been acknowledged gratefully. Captain John Lang of Henley fame writes:— “A quantity of goods from School 1604 Malvern was received by my Department at the Al Hayat Convalescent Hospital, Helouan, Egypt beautifully clean clothes for our Australian wounded. The workers would have been fully recompensed had they seen the contentment of the men.”


THE farewell social and presentation to the local volunteers took place on Friday evening last, after having been postponed a number of times in order to have as many of the young men present as possible. The efforts of the committee were in vain, however, in this respect, as only one of six put in an appearance.

  The names of the last batch were Messrs Laity, W. Lonsdale, E. Robinson, E. Stone, W. Hatch, and H. Russel. Each was presented with a handsome case of pipes, and although only Mr Hatch was present, relatives of the other young men took charge of their gifts, and will have same forwarded to their owners as soon as possible.

  The hall was very nicely decorated for the occasion, and a fair number of residents were present. The musical part of the programme consisted of the following items :-Overture, Mr Kinwood (piano), Miss L Slocombe (violin); song, Miss Jessie Longmuir; song, Mr A Powell ; song, Private F E Tubbs; song, (Ragtime) Mr J Carmichael; song. Mr P V Kerr; song, Mr S Chalwell ;Latest patriotic records by Mr H T Noble’s gramophone. The speakers during the evening were Messrs G G Cole, R Mair. H P Woodhouse, Cr Alden, and Mr MacLaurin.

From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 16 October, 1915

First published in the Mornington News – 13 October 2015


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