Party plan fades


ROSEBUD police acted quickly online to shut down an unauthorised party being held on the Rye foreshore, Friday night.

They noticed the event titled “Beach gath, rye, Friday night, BYO” on Facebook and used their own page to comment: “Thanks for the invite Lleam, Tyson and Lochie.

“Rosebud police will definitely be attending! PS. Did you remember to get your permits from Mornington Peninsula Shire Council?”

At the time, 99 people had signalled their interest in the event, 188 were going and 916 invited. It was looking like being a big night, but interest faded when it became known the police were also keen on attending.

While the Facebook description did initially make reference to alcohol, and instructed guests to eat before they arrived, it was stripped clean of all party details by Friday afternoon.

Police say their uninvited comments achieved what they set out to do and the event was cancelled.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 24 November 2015


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