Police change tack with caravan probe


POLICE are investigating the possibility that two men who allegedly dumped a caravan at Arthur’s Seat did not set it alight.

Sergeant John Coburn, of Somerville police complex, said “another party” may have torched the single-axle van after it was left in Arthur’s Seat Rd, 10.40pm, Tuesday 19 January.

This was the day after disastrous fires at Crib Point destroyed a house and outbuildings, burnt out 83 hectares of bushland and forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents.

A 46-year-old, of Seaford, and 25-year-old, of Frankston, were expected to be charged on summons with dumping the van and arson after flames spread to nearby bushland. However, the men deny setting it alight and Detective Coburn conceded there is “an element of doubt; someone else may have lit it”.

Dumping charges may still apply.

Rosebud CFA crews managed to limit the extent of the fire to about an acre of bushland – their job being made easier by damp conditions and lack of wind. Arthur’s Seat Rd was blocked off as a precaution against falling braches until mid-morning the following day.

Detective Coburn said police were investigating differences between the dumping and the time of the fire. He said he was keen to talk to the driver of a BMW who warned road users about the fire at 11pm.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers, 1800 333 000, Detective Coburn, 5978 1300 or Rosebud police, 5986 0444.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 2 February 2016


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