Mr Hodgkinson passes away at 45


BY the death of Mr J. F. Hodgkinson, the district loses an old and highly esteemed resident. He possessed many natural talents besides being good with the brush and pencil, he was also a fine etcher. A lover of good poetry, he was an original thinker and a keen student of nature.

  His life exemplified two well known sayings “Talent is developed in solitude” and “They whom the Gods love, die young” for he passed away at the early age of 45 years.

  He will be greatly missed by the residents of the adjoining properties. His practical advice was always ready when needed. He was one of the original members of the Mutual Improvement Society, and assisted in the building of the local Recreation Hall.

  As Mr Berry was the organiser and promoter of the Hall, so Mr Hodgkinson was the architect. For his assistance to the Hall at critical periods, it is proposed to place a small memorial tablet on the wall.


BRUNSWICK A.N.A Football club will play a team from Naval Base in the Frankston Park today when a collection will be taken up in aid of the French Red Cross. In the evening a dance will be held under the auspices of the “Australian Club” Admission 1s, refreshments provided. Alleet’s band has been engaged.


THE sum of £6 has been handed into the fund of the local Roll of Honor being the net result of the dance held by the “Australian Club” on 1st July. Considering many calls upon the public, this amount is very gratifying and resounds to the credit of the hon.sec. for her untiring labours under great disadvantages.


ON the 8th inst at the Naval Base football match, a belt was lost containing £28 in notes. It was picked up by a man, and claimed by Michael Moore as his property. The finder gave Moore the money, and shortly afterwards another claimant established his right to the lost property by describing same, and Moore was given into custody for stealing.

  He was brought up at the Frankston Court on Monday, and remanded to the City court on Monday next.


INFORMATION has been received that the Corp. W. Green mentioned in the Anzac honor list is Corp. W. M. Green, (now Sergeant) son of Mr and Mrs W M Green of Mornington Junction. Awarded D. C. M.


THE following letter was received by the Rev A. P. McFarlane, from the vestry of St Anselm Middle Park: —Dear Mr McFarlane.— I have been instructed by the members of St Anselm’s Vestry to convey to Mrs McFarlane and yourself the deep sense of appreciation which they feel at the character of your united work in this parish.

  We shall ever bear,in grateful recognition of your own efforts, a keen memory of your personal worth your unfailing courtesy. your christian earnestness, and your kindly disposition. These attributes have done much to influence our lives for good.

  We also desire to place officially on record Mrs McFarlane’s loyal and devoted work for the parish, and to tender her our lasting expression, of gratitude for her unselfish labors in our midst. A record of our appreciation is being embodied in the minutes of the Vestry meetings, to be signed by the Church Wardens.

  With heartfelt wishes for the continued prosperity and happiness of Mrs McFarlane, yourself and family, I am, yours very sincerely,

W. C. Humphries, Hon Sec.


COMMONWEALTH War Loan. Applications by small subscribers up to £100. So that there may be no misapprehension, the Commonwealth Treasurer desires it to be known that any person may apply on the Extended Installment Subscription basis for amounts up to £100, receive the full privileges attaching to small investors, that is to say, they will get a full twelve months’ interest on 30th June 1917.

  It was originally intended to give this privilege to employees and other similar small investors only, but the Treasurer has since decided that any person may take advantage of the arrangement up to £100.

  Persons desiring to invest larger amounts can, by lodging a separate application, get full privileges attaching to small subscribers for the first £100. The Subscription List will close on 1st August next, and as that date is drawing close it behoves everyone who can make funds available, to invest in the War Loan to the fullest extent of their means, and in view of the terms which are offered there should be very many who can take part.



The following letters have been received by the Secretary of the Somerville Patriot’s League from boys at the front, in grateful acknowledgement of goods received by them from that body.

  In France. 14th May 1916 – Just a line to thank the ladies of your League for having received one pair of sox from them, through our officers. Many thanks. I am yours faithfully. 793 SPR ARCH WHITE, 2nd Australian Tunnelling Coy.

  May 28th 1916 – It is with great pleasure that I write to say that I received a parcel from you and I understand that they were sent for Xmas. But it only arrived yesterday 27th May. The contents were all in perfect order and I must say the ladies used good judgment in choosing the contents.

  My mess-mates and myself had quite a birthday. As the weather is very hot a few tasty bits went well. I must thank you for treating us so well and working so hard for us, but I hope your labor will not be in vain.

  So once more thanking you and wishing you all good health. I remain yours sincerely, CORPORAL KIMBERLEY.


ON Sunday last a large number of returned sick and wounded soldiers visited Somerville under the auspices of the automobile club. The men arrived about quarter past twelve and were then taken in to a sit down dinner consisting of ham, poultry and mutton with hot vegetables. The tables were beautifully decorated with wattle blossom and other flowers and gave a nice appearance to the hall.

  Altogether there were about 180 men present and expressed themselves as being delighted with the welcome extended to them. During the dinner Cr Griffeth formally welcomed the men and said he was pleased to have them here. Crs Murray and Keast, and Major (Dr) Griffith supported his remarks.   


A LARGE gathering of friends assembled in the hall to bid farewell to six of our boys who were presented with silver cigarette cases, inscribed with their initials. A short programme of songs was gone through, and dancing between items made an enjoyable evening. The soldiers present were Corporals Meldrum and Hutchinson, Privates Heywood, Philbrick, Nivett and Thornell. Supper was handed round and thus finished a very enjoyable evening.    


  From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 22 July, 1916

First published in the Mornington News – 19 July 2016


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