GetUp! eyes 2019


THE federal election may be over, but the activist group GetUp! is still pursuing one of its regular targets, Flinders MP Greg Hunt.

Mr Hunt lost some of his winning margin from the previous poll but retained his seat with a margin that would be the envy of most other politicians.

GetUp!, which describes itself as “an independent movement to build a progressive Australia and bring participation back into our democracy” is running a survey to find out “your vision for Australia, for Flinders, for your neighbourhood and street?”.

GetUp! claims to have had “a huge impact on the election result”.

“Over eight weeks, GetUp! volunteers made 40,218 calls to undecided voters, handed out over a million how-to-vote cards on election day and 35,115 people donated an average of just $81 to fund our efforts,” it states on its website.

“Together we proved that everyday people can shift votes off the hard right on the issues that matter to our movement.”

GetUp! Says it is “free to run campaigns based on values and our collective vision for Australia”.

“So in this election we took on the politicians who were blocking – or actively tearing down – our vision for a more fair, flourishing and just country.”

Since the election, “step one”, it states that “the power we built from winning many of those fights means your local MP Greg Hunt will listen to your priorities much more intently”.

GetUp! Says “MPs and senators all over the country” will be given the results of its latest survey.

First published in the Mornington News – 9 August 2016


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