P-Plater overloaded in Sorrento


p-plate driver

Somerville Highway Patrol impounded a p-platers car in Sorrento Saturday afternoon (20 August) after he was caught driving with too many passengers.

Police intercepted the black Ford sedan travelling west on Point Nepean Road as it appeared to be overloaded about 1.45pm.

The P1 driver, who had only had his licence for about two months, explained to police he was taking his friends to Sorrento.

The teen was carrying a passenger in the front seat and four passengers in the rear seat which was only fitted with three seat belts.

The driver, who was not carrying his licence at the time, had his vehicle impounded for passenger overloading for 30 days at a cost of $1010 for release.

He is expected to be charged on summons for overloading, failing to carry his licence and for failing to ensure his passengers in the rear of his vehicle were properly restrained.

Source: Victoria Police News – 20 August 2016 


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