Shire’s quick reaction to signs of complaint


MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire acted quickly to remove electoral signs on Wednesday after being swamped by complaints about illegally-erected advertising.

In an email to candidates last Monday, the council said that while it “recognises that electoral signage and advertising is a pivotal part of a candidate’s election strategy,” candidates must be aware of the shire’s sign policy.

It warned candidates that illegal signs must be removed by Monday this week.

But on Wednesday, the council rushed out a further email, stating that non-compliant signs will be removed “today” and all responsible candidates will be notified by the shire’s infringement enforcement department of their legal obligations.

The shire’s sign policy states that signs can only be displayed in the ward the candidate is standing, must not exceed five square metres, and cannot be on road reserves.

During the week The News was told a sign advertising Briars ward candidate Rosie Clarke was removed from the corner of Cobb and Sunnyside roads in Mt Eliza, and a large billboard-sized sign by fellow ward candidate John Woodman was removed from Rotary Park, Mt Eliza.

Mornington Council was unable to provide details of how many other signs were seized.

First published in the Mornington News – 4 October 2016


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