A crusade against the body blues

Respect yourself: Yasmin Chandler is on a mission to help women get their mojo back and embrace who they are. Picture: Cameron McCullough

Respect yourself: Yasmin Chandler is on a mission to help women get their mojo back and embrace who they are. Picture: Cameron McCullough

IT is a stark statistic; 91 per cent of all women hate their bodies. That was the finding of Taryn Brumfitt who interviewed more than 5000 women on the subject while making her landmark film on body image, Embrace.

The statistic was no surprise to one Mount Martha mother, Yasmin Chandler, who has suffered from a lifelong negative body image, and is only now breaking free from its effects.

“It has taken up far too much of my life,” Yasmin said.

“If I am raw about this, if I put myself out there, maybe other people will benefit from my honesty.”

Yasmin’s journey to body acceptance has been a long one. But there is no doubting where it started.

“I was an early developer. By the age of eleven, I had a womanly body. I found myself being teased at school, and it was a issue that consumed too much of my thoughts.”

After Yasmin left school she spent most of her work life in very competitive and male-dominated industries. Firstly in car sales, and later in horse racing.

“I was very obsessed with making money, with being successful. But deep down, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in life.”

After leaving the car industry, Yasmin worked with her husband in his horse training business.

“I became 100 per cent focused on the success of my husband.

“I began to forget about my own success in life.”

Things changed dramatically nearly three years ago when Yasmin’s marriage fell apart.

“I literally took a year off from life to sort it out,” Yasmin said.

“I realised that I had been pursuing someone else’s goals. Not only that, I had spent my entire adult life thinking about performing and achieving goals, making money mostly!

“Now I was lost. I was totally shattered and, I must admit, I had become someone I just didn’t like anymore.”

Yasmin, now a single mum with two young children, made the decision to go back to basics.

“To change my mindset, that money and success was not the answer, but passion, desire and a absolutely love for what you do is what make you soul tick.

“That void quickly disappeared when I followed my heart’s desire in my career choice and no longer valued myself on what I could earn.”

Yasmin’s business, Mojo Makeovers, was born.

“I am sure many women are just like me. When we have our mojo, we feel invincible, life follows in harmony. We let go of insecurities and walk with confidence. I decided to dedicate my time to helping women get their mojo back!

“Mojo Makeovers is a tranquil, peaceful, discrete environment for women to completely let go, be one with themselves and escape from the outside world.”

Services include Venus Viva skin rejuvenation, facials, essential oils, nutrition products, Jane Iredale makeup, and the Environ skin care range.

“My mission is for women to look in the mirror and fall back in love with their skin.”

Yasmin also founded ‘The Listening Lounge’ – a confidential, non-judgemental and safe place where women can air worries, thoughts or challenges.

“After seeing Embrace, I realised I had to bring it to Mornington to help other women who, like me, have been obsessed with body image issues,” said Yasmin.

“I was amazed to discover that 10% of young women suffer from eating disorders and more than 50% of 5-12 year olds want to lose weight.

“I feel like this is a journey I have to go on for the good of my daughters. I don’t want them wasting their time worrying and obsessing like I did”.

After some determined effort, Yasmin arranged for the movie to be screened at Mornington Cinemas on 28 October, which quickly sold out.

“I have managed to get approval  for another screening on 18 November at 7pm. Tickets are flying out the door already, so get in quickly if you’d like to come along!” said Yasmin.

Yasmin is now happy and healthy. She has moved on from her separation and maintains a great relationship with the father of her daughters.

“I have found my inner peace. Now I want to share it around.”

Mojo Makeovers is based in Mount Martha. To find out more about Yasmin’s business, see mojomakeovers.com.au.

To book to see Embrace on 18 November call 0418 144 427.

First published in the Mornington News – 25 October 2016


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