Craigie Beach rocks


CRAIGIE beach at Mt Martha remains closed during the day while extra rocks are brought in to protect the 50-year-old seawall.

A similar rock revetment is already in place at the northern end of the seawall and the works now underway are designed to protect another 97 metre section.

“This approach has proven to be highly effective, so we are extending the rock revetment, to prolong the life of the seawall and provide continued protection of the cliffs,” Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning coastal project officer Jacky Priestley said.

“The works will help protect the Craigie Beach seawall from wave impacts.

“The stone seawall is thought to be at least 50 years old, and is nearing the end of its design life. The seawall was designed to protect the cliff faces from large, powerful waves; which over time can erode the cliffs and compromise the road, walking trails, and assets above.”

The area behind the seawall and sections of nearby walking paths will be closed 7am-5pm, Monday-Friday during construction.

First published in the Mornington News – 1 November 2016


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