Shire to ban powerful car “searchlights”


Our Letter Box.

Sir,–It is amusing to note in your journal that the shire councillors of the Frankston and Hastings shire have agreed to support the venture of the Lilydale Shire Council in an effort to secure the non use of powerful (or search) lights on motor cars.

Frankston has the most dangerous and worst conditioned roads of which I know, and yet these wise?

Crs. in committee, have decided to try to prevent motorists, driving cars of big value, from using a protection for the safety of their lives and their expensive motor cars; for only in these searchlights does protection lie to the driver and occupants of cars at night on the famous (for their grossly damaged and extremely dangerous parts) Frankston roads.

This doing is, of course, in line with many previous doings of your should be valued councillors, who seem to have no thought for the convenience of visitors or the property of ratepayers.

Without powerful lights it would be perilous to drive on certain and various Frankston roads, and if accidents occur through fault of neglect to remedy thoroughfares, which neglect seems abundant locally, when one looks at numerous Frankston roads, the council is liable for damages, but, on the other hand, damages will not bring back life should a fatal accident occur on our neglected and unsafe roads.

Would it not be a wiser plan for our representatives at the Council Table to give their time and their energies to remedying the present damage and freeing travellers in consequence, from peril, in lieu of increasing the peril of our roads by the use of dim lights.

If our Crs. had in mind the thought that poor lights would not show up their neglect on our roads, as far as vision goes they may succeed, but bruises to body and limb through lesser power of headlights will engrave indelibly on the minds of our ratepayers and visitors that there is need for improvement and progress in our representatives.


Editor’s note: “Searchlight” seems to be some what hysterical in his denunciation of Councillors for supporting the action of the Lilydale Council in their endeavours to get the headlights of motor cars reduced in strength.

For our part, and we think the opinion is very general with the travelling public, we consider that the brilliancy of the lights now used by some of the cars instead of being of use for the purpose of avoiding accidents, just confuses those approaching it, and renders them blind, and thus increases the danger of collision instead of minimising it.

As far as our main roads being particularly disgraceful and dangerous, we think our councillors have reason to be proud of their condition, and about the only risk of accident on them is the risk that the drivers take on themselves when they indulge in reckless speed and careless driving.


OUR Moorooduc correspondence and other interesting items are unavoidable held over till next issue.


TENDERS are called by the Defence department up to 22nd March for the supply of meat and vegetables to a number of camps, including Langwarrin, for the month of April next.


THE metropolitan dairyman held their annual picnic in the Frankston Park on Wednesday last, but owing to the threatening nature of the weather in the morning the attendance was not so numerous as usual.


CAPTAIN Guy Madden sailed for the front last week. Previous to his leaving he was tendered a dinner by his many friends at Menzie’s Hotel, Melbourne. With his many friends we join in wishing Captain Madden God’s speed and a safe return.


A PATRIOTIC Social will be held at the Mt. Eliza School on Wednesday, 4th April, commencing at 8.30 sharp, the admission being by collection taken at the door. There will be good moonlight on the evening in question and a crowded house is expected by the promoters.


ON Monday next Adamson, Strettle and Co. will have a good yarding of cattle, sheep, pigs, and sundries at their usual sale at Tanti, and on Friday, March 23rd at the same place they will offer 80 horses and ponies for sale including draughts, light horses, and ponies.


ATTENTION is directed to an advertisement of the Manufacturers Bottle Company of Victoria Pty Ltd., which appears in our advertising columns, giving notice to Bottle Dealers and others, that all bottles with the Trade Mark and Brand “M.B. over C.V.” in a Spade, moulded thereon, are their sole property and when the contents are once used, the bottles must forthwith, on demand, be returned to the company or its duly authorised Agents.


THE return cricket match between Langwarrin Camp Cricket Club and the Frankston Club will be played today (Saturday), at Langwarrin. The Frankston Club will be entertained by the officers of the camp to afternoon tea. Frankston members are requested to be punctual.


THE following goods have been sent by the Frankston Red Cross Society from the local depot to headquarters during the month of February :–170 flannel shirts, 30 pairs sox, 5 helmets (Balaclava), 7 scarfs, 15 pillow cases, 15 eye bandages, also 2 cases of old linen. The following donations were thankfully received :–Mrs H. Masterton, 4 doz. petrol cases; Miss Bunny, 4 cases.


THE writs for the forthcoming election will be issued on Monday, March the 26th, at 6 o’clock, and no claims for enrolment can be placed on the rolls after that date and hour.

Persons failing to enrol will be liable to a penalty of £2. It therefore behoves all persons who have not previously enrolled to do so without delay.

April the 5th is the last day on which nominations of candidates will be received and the election, will be held on May the 5th.


We call attention to advertisement appearing in another column of large subdivisional sale in the Cricklewood Estate to be held on Easter Monday, April 9th, at 3 o’clock on the ground.

The terms of purchase have been fixed exceptionally easy, viz. : £2 cash deposit and the balance at 10s per month free of interest. If for investment only, these fine allotments should be good buying seeing the very rapid improvements taking place in real estate throughout this district.

With the inaguration of a water supply, electrification of the town, and the early electrification of the railway, there is no doubt that values will immediately increase, and that at no distant date this town will assume proportions as a watering place as well as of a residential centre otherwise unexpected a few years ago.

We understand that within the last few weeks several villa properties have changed ownership, to say nothing of quite a lot of residential allotments which will soon be built upon showing conclusively that in the near future, Frankston will become on account of its exceptional train facilities, and splendid main roads for motorists, as well as being up to-date in the matter of lighting and water, more sought after than ever.

Messrs Brody and Mason will wield the hammer on the 9th April, from whom plans etc are now available.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 17 March 1917

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 17 March 2017


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