Budget fails schools – MP


HASTINGS Liberal MP Neale Burgess predicts schools around the Western Port area “will continue to suffer” after missing out on extra funding in the latest state budget.

“Following the release of the Victorian budget on Tuesday, [the Premier] Daniel Andrews and his government have been crowing about their investment in schools, yet only one school within the District has recorded additional funding,” Mr Burgess said.

“Perseverance Primary School on French Island has secured $72,000 for an upgrade to facilities, while the other 19 government schools have missed out.”

“Although it’s pleasing to see Perseverance Primary finally being put on the radar by this government, I have schools like Pearcedale who have long called for flashing school zone lights, which this government wash their hands of. This is simply not good enough.”

First published in the Western Port News – 9 May 2017


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