All aboard for pirate fun day at school


Ahoy there: Teacher Susan Spruce and Teleah all dressed up for pirate day at Mornington Special Developmental School. Picture: Yanni

MORNINGTON Special Developmental School’s pirate-themed day on Friday 9 June raised money for The Kids for Cancer Project, with a ship-load of pirate adventurers joining forces to support the cause.

Piratey fun and games, such as walk-the-plank, pirate coits, pin the patch on the pirate, treasure hunts, baking pirate cookies, listening to salty stories and, of course, pirate bingo were fun activities for pupils and staff who dressed as pirates for the event.

“It was a fantastic day and many thanks to all our buccaneers and their families for their support,” teacher Angela Holland said. “It was a terrific way to raise money for a worthwhile cause.”

First published in the Mornington News – 13 June 2017


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