Kayaker overboard


A KAYAKER flipped his craft 500 metres off Fishermans Beach, Mornington, and had to swim for it at about 5.30pm on Saturday 3 June.

The man, 41, of Healesville, managed to make a 000 call while in the water and then swam ashore where he was met by police.

The $1000 kayak spent the night on the bottom but was recovered next day by a fisherman and towed to the beach.

The fisherman, of Mornington, called friends who then carried the kayak to Mornington police station.

Sergeant Daniel Patten, of Mornington police, was told the fisherman was a “bit worried” when he saw the sunken kayak and wondered if anyone had been reported missing.

Police called the kayaker who picked it up next day. He managed to salvage plenty of fishing gear, but not his car keys.

First published in the Mornington News – 13 June 2017


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