Longboarders’ two decades on the waves


SURFERS who have been part of the 20-year history of the Maladiction Longboarders are getting ready for a reunion in October.

The club started with members riding longboards, or malibu boards, when most of their surfing colleagues’ feet were firmly planted on something shorter than the minimum nine foot and a bit. (Surfers are among the last identifiable socio group to more frequently use imperial measure – feet and inches – rather than metric).

Most Maladiction contests are held on reef breaks at The Pines, Shoreham, although small swells will see them relocated to beach breaks at Gunnamatta or Rye.

They have also rallied to raise money for the Disabled Surfers Association Mornington Peninsula branch.

Club president Greg Lloyd said the “gala evening” at Mornington Golf Club would commemorate the 20th anniversary of the club.

“Maladiction was formed in 1997 by a group of local surfers in response to the growing popularity and re-emergence of longboarding in Australia and around the world,” Lloyd said.

“They started the club to cater for Longboarding on the peninsula by establishing competitions and a social scene for surfers of all ages, gender and abilities. With the re-emergence of retro boards, we’ve now extended membership to retro boards.

“We are not a locals only club and many of our members travel from around the state for our events, with everyone keeping in touch via the website and our Facebook group.

“We are all about going surfing, making new friends, having fun, being part of a club and encouraging young surfers whenever possible.”

Lloyd said there was an “open invitation” for past and current Maladiction members, their families and sponsors to attend the dinner.

For details email greg@surfstoked.com.au

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 4 July 2017


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