No limit to the lure of the flying fox


Up and away: Shirley Bolim enjoyed her ride on the flying fox at Camp Manyung’s Festival for Seniors. Picture: Gary Sissons

THE thrill of the flying fox proved irresistible to 82-year-old Shirley Bolim, of Hastings, during Seniors Week activities at Camp Manyung, Mt Eliza, on Friday.    

HER bravery was said to have inspired other participants to take part in a range of outdoor adventure activities.

Shire team leader, transport, Dial-a-Bus service, Janine Tresize, said those who attended “had a terrific day. Another lady, who is 94, said Shirley was courageous”.

The camp in Sunnyside Rd is run by the YMCA. Seniors took the opportunity to learn about clubs and social groups, such as University of the Third Age and Impact Volunteering or, like, Ms Bolim, to do something they’ve never attempted before.

First published in the Mornington News – 10 October 2017


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