Call to include new clubs



A WORKING party representing the majority of Mornington Peninsula Nepean Football League clubs has called on AFL South East to look at existing clubs within the area to introduce a third division in 2019.

The working party, which includes John Coburn (Frankston YCW), Mick Dunne (Mt Eliza) and Chris Sharman (Frankston Bombers), met with AFLSE boss John Anderson last week.

The working party believes that non MPNFL clubs operating from within the traditional Mornington Peninsula area should be the clubs used to expand the MPNFL competition into three divisions.

These clubs include South Mornington, Peninsula Old Boys, Skye, Carrum and Frankston Dolphins, while other clubs could also be targeted, including Chelsea Heights and Lyndhurst.

However, despite the large majority of MPNFL clubs opposing the new structure for 2019, AFLSE remains steadfast in its plan to bring in South East Football Netball League (SEFNL) clubs into the three division competition.

In 2019, AFLSE has documented that Division One will be made up of the top seven teams of the 2018 MPNFL Division One, as well as the top three SEFNL clubs.

Division Two will comprise the remaining three 2018 MPNFL Division One clubs, the top five MPNFL Division Two clubs and the fourth and fifth-placed SEFNL clubs.

Division Three will comprise of the remaining seven 2018 MPNFL Division two teams and the bottom three SEFNL teams.

Promotion-relegation will then begin between these three competitions.

This resolution remains in force despite the fact that the final report into the Senior Football Competition Review still not being tabled.

It also remains in place despite the fact that the majority of the current MPNFL Clubs are opposed to any involvement with SEFNL Clubs.

It remains clear that AFLSE agenda is to include SEFNL clubs in any competition, given this is the area of jurisdiction for the AFL region.

It’s not about what is best for the MPNFL, it’s about what is the easiest form of governance in the region for the AFL.

Surely the working party’s suggestion of creating a third division, made up of clubs already within the MPNFL region, makes more sense to ensure a competitive, sustainable solution.

At the meeting, the working party was also told by Mr Anderson that clubs would be required to sign their AFL affiliation agreement before December 1, or they would not be covered by player insurance and would not be able to participate in season 2018 in the AFLSE competition.

This is despite the fact that clubs have not been affiliated since the AFLSE came into power a couple of seasons ago.

First published in the Mornington News – 21 November 2017


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