The Hub is central to students’ needs


New resource: Deputy principal Marita O’Sullivan with grade 4 pupil Amber and principal Monica Coyle at an innovative exercise desk. Picture: Yanni

THE desire to do things a “little differently” has prompted Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Rosebud to provide a centrally located resource centre named The Hub.

The design – which includes a floor-to-ceiling glass wall – is complemented by furnishings and dividers to create designated working zones for individuals, small groups and classes.   

The Hub provides alternative learning spaces and approaches to meet a wide range of educational and social-emotional needs among its students. It has six zones and features pedal desks, foot-and-hand cycles, bouncy bands, sensory wall, varied furnishings, fiddle toys, punching bags, timers and a range of furniture and configurations to suit many different teaching situations.

The Take a Break room is available for those with anxiety or ASD who need short breaks from the classroom. After being greeted on arrival they sign in, set the timer and are able to select the activity which best supports their need.

Another zone aims to foster social and emotional learning through games and play.  Targeted extension programs are also offered in The Hub, including robotics, coding and advanced classes in mathematics.

“As we move into the second year of operation, The Hub is proving to be a highly valued resource for students and teachers alike,” principal Monica Coyle said.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 6 March 2018


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