‘Blind drunk’ report


PASSING motorists alerted Somerville Highway Patrol police to a woman who they said was “blind drunk”, 4.30pm, Friday 28 April. The police were finishing up dealing with a motorcycle collision on Moorooduc Highway, Frankston South, when they were told a woman who had been driving erratically was just behind them.

Police watched as the woman slowly reversed away from the scene, with the driver “clearly struggling to control the car”.

When they approached she reportedly argued about undertaking a preliminary breath test before blowing “way over”. On the centre console police said was a small glass of orange juice, vodka and ice and, in the passenger foot well, half a bottle of orange juice and vodka.

The woman allegedly argued about being taken to the police station, and then tried twice to blow into the machine before recording 0.242 per cent.

Police said the 40-year-old, of Seaford, was already disqualified from driving and had multiple convictions for drink driving and refusing breath tests.

She was locked up for being drunk in a public place and her car was impounded for a minimum 30 days.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 8 May 2018


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