Mural reflects ‘creative freedom’


Favourite brief: Artist Michael Leeworthy brightens up walls at Red Hill with his mural. Picture: Yanni

RED Hill artist and gallery owner Michael Leeworthy’s latest mural – and probably the one most special to him – will be officially launched on Friday.

Painted on a wall behind the Red Hill Trading Company, at the entrance to the Merricks-Red Hill shared trails, it features many favourite elements of his long-time home territory.

Some “very talented” students from Dromana Secondary College helped paint the 20 metre long mural over three weeks. Its nine panels highlight the area’s Aboriginal heritage, indigenous fauna and flora, early settlers, rail line, food and farm gates, walkers, and bike and horse riders that use the trail.

Working less than a minute from his gallery and home in Shoreham Road, with “no parking problems, and no traffic lights”, Leeworthy says he enjoyed listening to comments from pedestrians and passing bike riders, equestrians and bush walkers.

Leeworthy has lived at Red Hill for 33 years. His children Amy, Sarah and Jesse attended Red Hill Consolidated school; his grandson Ellis starts next year.

He is grateful to the Red Hill Community Association for the creative freedom he was given on the project, which was funded by Mornington Peninsula Shire. He was happy to comply with a check list of items to be included.

“The Red Hill Community Association was the driving force behind the mural whereas I was merely an actor in a play,” he said.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 12 June 2018


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