Steaks raised in anticipated football clash


A FOOTBALL match between the Frankston and Mornington juniors was played on Saturday last in the Frankston park when, after an interesting game the visitors suffered defeat by 10 points. Mr W. Cain umpired satisfactorily.

We understand that Mornington has issued a challenge to play Frankston at Somerville, the losers to pay for a dinner. If the challenge is accepted an interesting game should result.


IN the 407th and 408th casualty lists, recently published by the Defence department appear the names of two Peninsula soldiers who have made the supreme sacrifice – Pte. E. E. Cook of Somerville and Corporal W. J. Hoban, of Hastings.

Keen sympathy is expressed for the relatives of the deceased soldiers.


LIEUTENANT W. C. Pentland, son of Mr W. C. Pentland, of Cheltenham was recently mentioned in despatches by Sir Douglas Haig. Lieutenant Pentland who saw service in the Boer war was wounded in France, and is now in hospital in England with one leg amputated.

He was an old South Melbourne College boy and was well known in Frankston.


THERE was a splendid attendance at the Frankston Mechanics on Saturday evening last, when a picture entertainment was held in aid of the funds of the Langwarrin Camp.

Special interest attached to the screening of the picture taken on the occasion of the Pageant of Loyalty at Frankston, and many residents had an opportunity to see themselves as others see them. Other pictures shown were of an equally high standard.


IN aid of the Langwarrin Camp Fund a grand concert under the direction of Miss R. P. Langley of Melbourne and Mr J. B. Jolly of Frankston will be given in the Mechanics Hall Frankston on Saturday, July 16th, by the famous Merry Eight Musical Comedy Company.

The programme promises to be one of the best ever submitted locally and as the cause is of such a deserving nature a bumper house is anticipated.

The Concert company are giving their services gratis so the gross proceeds will be devoted to the fund.


MRS A. W. Taylor sailed from Sydney on Tuesday last, to assist in the work of the Australian Red Cross in Egypt. She was one of two ladies selected in the Commonwealth for the work, the other being Miss Waugh, of Sydney.

It will be remembered that some little time ago Mrs Taylor’s husband disposed of his garage at Frankston to join the Flying Corps. He is now in England.


PROBATE of the will of Sir John Madden has been applied for by the National Trustees Company. He died on 10th March last, leaving estate valued at £29,082, being realty £14,213 and personalty £14,869.

Besides the capital moneys of her marriage settlement, which she takes absolutely at once, Lady Madden is given the income of the whole estate for life. At her death the capital is divisible into six parts, of which one part is given to deceased’s son, Captain Guy Ross Madden, absolutely, and the income of the five other parts is given to the five daughters, Mrs. Harry Osborne, Mrs. Clement Valange, Mrs. Pat Osborne, Mrs. M. H. Baillieu, and Miss Lesly Madden, for life, with power to appoint the capital fund of their respective shares.

Sir John Madden’s town house, “Cloyne,” in St. Kilda, and “ Yamala,” his country home at Frankston, are both to be sold shortly.


WILLIAM Henry Wooster and Frank Whyte were charged by Constable Ryan with behaving in an offensive manner in Bay Street, Frankston, on Sunday, 9th June. Defendants pleaded not guilty.

Graham Berry Bennett, a motor driver, deposed that while sitting on a seat in Bay Street on Sunday afternoon he was accosted by accused who asked for a match. Witness gave Wooster some matches.

Both men were in an intoxicated condition and used most abusive and filthy language to witness, who had not seen either of them previously.

Witness reported the matter to the police and both men were arrested by Constable Ryan. Constable Ryan deposed to arresting the prisoners who were both under the influence of drink.

Each defendant was fined £1, in default 48 hours imprisonment.


AN elderly man named William Palmer was charged by Constable Ryan with being drunk and disorderly, in Hastings Road, on Monday night, 10th June.

Prisoner pleaded guilty. Const. Ryan stated that he found Palmer lying in a drunken condition on Hastings Road the previous night.

He was in danger of being run over and was locked up for his own safety


A VERY successful sale in aid of the funds of the local Red Cross was held at St. Pancras Private Hospital, Frankston, on Wednesday afternoon, conducted by the Matron (Miss Cadle) and Staff.

In declaring the sale open, Mrs James Grice, of Moondah, said :- Ladies and Gentlemen, You all know from the interest you have taken in the Red Cross the object of your meeting today. It is to show by our actions how we thoroughly appreciate what our gallant men at the front have done and are doing, for whilst we are living in comfort and luxury we can hardly understand the privations they are undergoing.


THE town of Hastings was quite busy last Saturday afternoon when a number of men with horses and drays were busy at work clearing earth from the side of the main road and repairing the half yard with sand.

Another working bee is to be held on Saturday.


A WEDDING caused a great deal of interest in Langwarrin owing to the fact that the bridegroom was formerly of the 5th battalion, A.I.F., Gallipoli, and his parents are well known here for their connection with the Red Cross work and patriotic functions.

The bride and one of her sisters frequently appeared at local functions and at considerable expense they journeyed from the metropolis, and their presence was always welcome.


A MEETING of the committee of the Avenue of honour at Frankston was held in the Frankston Mechanics’ on Monday evening. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed.

A letter was read from Mrs E. Goodwin, applying for three trees.-Mr Jennings moved that the request be complied with. Seconded by Mr Young, and carried.

Mr Dower, on behalf of Mr Hartland who was unavoidably absent, reported that the trees could not be obtained at Brunnings, but that firm knew where they were to be got, and promised to secure them, when they would communicate with the secretary.

Cr Mason moved and Cr Oates seconded, that Dr Plowman be appointed treasurer to the fund. Carried.

Dr Plowman moved that Saturday, 13th July be fixed as the day for planting the trees. Seconded by Cr Mason and carried.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 15 June 1918

As published in the Mornington News – 12 June 2018


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