Digging deep to aid drought-hit farmers


Backbone of the nation: Trudy Lennon-Bowers’ op shop is backing farmers’ drought fight. Picture: Yanni

A MORNINGTON trader is so moved by the plight of drought-stricken farmers that she is donating this month’s profits to help them.

Trudy Lennon-Bowers, who runs Tru Opportunity Op Shop, in Frank Street, said she normally gives profits to charities nominated by those who donate goods.

“I have been so moved by the plight of the Aussie farmers – who are the backbone of this nation and are doing it extremely tough with seemingly no help – that I felt compelled to make an exception to how we normally donate,” she said.

“We therefore decided to donate all profits from August to Australian farmers’ drought relief agencies in an effort to help, even in some small way. We just need people through the door to make them some money.”

Ms Lennon-Bowers’ stand coincides with a similar push by the Red Cross which has launched an appeal to help farmers and communities in drought-affected regions.

Money raised through the organisation’s August disaster relief and recovery appeal will be distributed throughout the most severely drought-affected areas – especially in New South Wales.

“It’s time for everyone to rally together and show their support for drought-affected farmers and farming communities who are doing it tough,” Red Cross CEO Judy Slatyer said.

“We know this is a difficult time for farmers, their families and their communities across the country and we see first-hand how hard it is for people with ongoing financial and social responsibilities.

“In regional and remote locations for many years our teams of volunteers and members have been there at the grass roots to lift community spirit, holding events to give people vital social connections, a shoulder to lean on and relief when it is needed most.”

Donors can support the appeal at redcross.org.au/drought, by calling 1800 733 276 or by donating at a Commonwealth Bank branch.

First published in the Mornington News – 7 August 2018


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