Officers’ quick action gives man new lease on life


A BITTERN man suffering an apparent cardiac arrest in the street can thank three Hastings police officers for possibly saving his life, Monday 27 August.

The officers on patrol in Frankston-Flinders Road, Hastings, were flagged down by a bystander who saw the 64-year-old “on the ground and gasping” in Haddock Street about 12noon, Sergeant Scott West, of Hastings Police, said.

Senior Constables Stuart Holloway and Teresa Comerford and Constable Cassundra Harris wasted no time in putting their first aid skills to good use and performing CPR on the man who drifted “in and out of consciousness”.

They continued to resuscitate the man for 10 minutes while explaining his condition to paramedics who were rushing to the scene.

The man had “recovered slightly” by the time the ambulance arrived to take him to Frankston Hospital.

“The members showed great courage in the face of a stressful situation and, without their intervention, the outcome could potentially have been much worse,” Sergeant West said.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 4 September 2018


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