Letter sent appealing for Sir John Madden memorial


THE Frankston Progress Association, at its last monthly meeting decided to organise funds for a memorial in Frankston to the late Sir John Madden.

If sufficient funds are received it is proposed to erect a large brick pavilion in the Frankston Park, at a cost of about £3000.

The president is personally supervising and organising the collecting of donations, which, it is hoped, will come from all parts of Australia.

Over his own signature the president personally addressed and directed a total of 2000 letters to friends of the late Chief Justice.

The following is a copy of the letter mailed:

Dear Sir or Madam, I have the honor to address you, as your name has been advanced to me as a friend of the late Sir John Madden, who was, because of his unfailing kindness and courtesy, most deeply respected and loved by the people of Victoria.

You had, I venture to feel, great admiration for the late Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor who was undoubtedly one of Australia’s most esteemed and valued public men.

It is felt by many, that it would be almost a crime to fail to erect a fitting and lasting memorial to him, who always had the interests of our State, and the welfare of our people very close to his charitable heart.

The late Sir John Madden resided for many years with his family at Frankston; and was always in keenest sympathy with the efforts of Frankston residents to forward the interests of the village to which he belonged.

The deceased assisted our local efforts with his presence and words, and by personally taking part in local entertaments and by monetary gifts.

As this highly respected public man, whom I feel you claimed as a true and loyal friend, selected by his own choice Frankston as His home various and many Melbourne citizens consider that a suitable and lasting memorial should be erected by friends, and the public, of the late Sir John Madden, in Frankston.

With this object in view, the Frankston Progress Association has taken up the project, and if sufficient funds can be raised it is proposed to erect, in the Frankston public park, a brick pavilion (the cost of which would be in the region of £3000) as a memorial to the late Sir John Madden.

We feel you will agree with our idea, and assist us to feature same. We desire your assistance and support, and respectively and earnestly ask for it.

We sincerely trust you will see your way to forward a donation for this worthy fund.

We offer you our best thanks in anticipation. Donations addressed to the writer, “Warren Hill” Frankston, will be duly acknowledged per letter and in the press.

—Very truly yours,

J. B. JOLLY, President,

Frankston Progress Association.


MESSRS T. R. B. Morton and Son, Auctioneers, 72 Swanston street, Melbourne, report having sold through Mr J. L. Parkes (one of their auctioneers), 52 acres at Flinders, cleared and fenced, known as Boyd’s paddock, to Mr J. J. Clark, of Flinders.


THE Treasurer Roll of Honor Fund gratefully acknowledges receipt of the following donations : Mrs B. M. Garrood (counter box) £1 3s; Back to Childhood Dance (per Miss Laurissen) £10 5 ; Mr W. P. Mason, £1 1s; Mr H. McComb, £1. £13 9s.


THERE was a crowded house at the Protestant Federation meeting on Thursday evening in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall.

Interesting addresses were delivered by Rev. J. C. Farquhar and Cr. D White.  A full report will appear in our next issue.


MR H. Bray, of Bay Street, received word from the Defence Department that his son, Arthur, had been wounded at the front.

No further particulars have been received but we trust that the wounds are not serious. and that he will be convalescent before long.


ON Monday next will be presented at the Frankston, Mechanics’ hall a Series of Pictures showing the Australians in Action in Flanders.

Little Mary McAlister (America’s wonderful child actress) with her squad of soldiers will also be shown.

Warrant Officer David will address those present.

The admission is free, but a collection will be taken up to defray expenses.


AT the recent examinations in music of the associated board of the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music, London, the following pupils of Miss T. Carter were successful:

Lower division (3rd grade) pass, Lynette Utber; Eileen Utber.

Elementary division, (2nd grade) passed with honors, Phillis Hocking, Doris Hughes. Pass, Marjorie Morgan, Moara Cameron, Jessica Wells, Louisa Coxall, Walter Fisher.

Primary division (1st grade) Constance Mason, Thomas McMurtrie, Ian Heath, Myra McComb.


MR A. E. Lasslett, Hon. Treasurer to the Frankston Roll of Honor Fund, desires us to mention that when returning thanks to those ladies and gentlemen who were the means of making the “Back to Childhood” dance such a success, that he inadvertently mentioned Mr. W. Millett as the organiser.

Miss Hettie Laurissen is the lady to whom is due the praise and congratulations for her kindly action and successful management.


ON Saturday last the Australian Club gave a most enjoyable. evening to returned soldiers. There was a large attendance and the time was most pleasurably spent in dancing with light refreshments being handed round during the evening.

On Monday evening the Wattle Club held an invitation social to welcome Lance-Corporal Bunney and Driver Roberts, both of whom are home on furlough after having four years at the front.

The evening was spent in cards and dancing.

A good musical programme was also rendered.

During an interval Constable Ryan (who was on a visit to Frankston) gave a hearty welcome to Driver Roberts, on behalf of the club, congratulating him on his safe return.

Lance Corporal Bunney was unable to be present owing to a prior engagement.

On Tuesday evening a public welcome was accorded the two veterans in the Mechanics’ Hall, the building being crowded.

Crs Oates and Mason and Rev A. P. McFarlane gave short congratulatory addresses, conveying to the guests the heartfelt wishes of one of the biggest and most representative gatherings ever assembled in the hall.

“They are Jolly Good Fellows” was enthusiastically sung as the soldiers entered the hall, and one had only to catch a glimpse of the bright smiling faces to understand the unspeakable pleasure that was burning in the hearts of the welcoming and welcomed alike.

Mrs W. P. Mason arranged an excellent programme in her well known thorough manner; the following artists assisting; Misses Edwards, M’Lellan, Laurissen, Bray and Croskell; Mrs Boyett, Drum Major Scarf, Sgt. Widburn, Privates M’Kim and Lunn, Messrs Laslett and Payne and Master Keith Tait.

Miss O’Grady played the accompaniments with her usual ability.

At the conclusion of the musical programme a dance was arranged: Mr A Brierley kindly supplying the music and Mr Thompson acting as M.C.

The refreshments were under the management of Mrs H. M’Comb, while Miss P. Twining carried out the secretarial duties.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 19 October 1918

First published in the Mornington News – 16 October 2018