Use recycled water in green wedge – Libs


THE Liberal Nationals say they will conduct a feasibility study into a recycled water scheme to service Mornington Peninsula farmland if they win government at the Saturday 24 November election.

The study will examine whether the water can be used to supply farmers.

“With 70 per cent of the Mornington Peninsula zoned green wedge land, and with some of the best farmland in the state, it is crucial we have a long term plan to preserve and fully utilise this precious rural hinterland,” Liberal candidate for Nepean Russell Joseph said.

Melbourne Water reportedly daily discharges an average 350 million litres of Class A recycled water into Bass Strait from Boags Rocks, near Gunnamatta.

Mr Joseph is working with peninsula avocado farmer and agricultural scientist Steven Marshall. He said the recycled water could be used for intensive horticulture as well as fighting fires.

“The use of recycled water should be examined to preserve our hinterland soil health and to keep dams filled so rainfall can again restore crucial environmental flows to our creeks without detriment to the ecology of our bays,” he said.

“A horticultural industry on Melbourne’s doorstep, underpinned by a drought proof water supply, would deliver an entirely green wedge-compatible industry and ensure the preservation of our green wedge farmland.

“This project looks well beyond our four-year election cycle and, should the feasibility study stack up, be a cornerstone to providing jobs and professional careers on the peninsula for decades to come.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 23 October 2018


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