Chick bludgeoned to death


Cruel end: This magpie chick was bludgeoned to death at Martha Cove. Picture: Supplied

CRYSTAL Ocean wildlife volunteer Georgia Naylor was horrified to find a fledgling magpie stoned to death at Martha Cove last week.

The bird’s distressed parents remained nearby mourning the loss of their chick on the corner of The Cove and Fathom Street, Martha Cove.

“I can’t believe a human being could have done this,” Ms Naylor said. “The chick had been repeatedly bludgeoned with a big rock.”

To make matters worse her children were in the car and very upset at the disturbing sight.

Ms Naylor said birds at that age were too young to fly or find food for themselves and relied on their parents to teach them.

“Magpies are devoted to their young and when they feel safe in a neighbourhood stay for generations,” she said. Now she feels the distressed parents may search for a new home.

Ms Naylor reported the case to the RSPCA and Wildlife Australia and then returned wearing a vest and gloves to move the dead chick away from the road for its parents’ safety.

“It was still covered in blood on its head and beak,” she said.

“People need to show more respect to birds and animals; I’m beginning to lose respect for the human race.”

Crystal Ocean wildlife Shelter’s Brenda Marmion said: “This is a horrific act of violence against a helpless chick.”

First published in the Mornington News – 6 November 2018


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