FaceTime causes bad time for distracted pedestrian


A MAN walking along High Street, Hastings, Thursday night 1 November, was airlifted to The Alfred hospital with serious, but not life threatening, injuries after being hit by a car.

Police said the 47 year old was “so engrossed in FaceTime on his smartphone that he walked straight across the road without looking and in front of a car. He went up onto the bonnet with his back hitting the windscreen. He then landed back on the road in front of the car and received serious head injuries.”

Leading Senior Constable Greg Wolfe, of Somerville Highway patrol, urged pedestrians to keep their wits about them when walking across or near a road. “Your ‘smart’ phone is not smart enough to warn you about the car that’s about to hit you because you were looking at it instead of your surroundings,” he quipped.

First published in the Mornington News – 13 November 2018


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