Picture perfect Christmas


PHOTOGRAPHER Kelly McDonald, above, is one of the master editors giving children in hospital a picturesque lift over Christmas.

Volunteers from the The heART Project photograph the children in hospital and then digitally add a fantasy scene to the finished print.

The project, which in previous years has gained widespread media attention, involved a team of 110 volunteer photographers 10 cities around the world photographing children on green screen.

The finished portraits portrayed them in a magical Christmas scene with Santa.

This was the first time the project has been taken overseas.

“Working with kids is what makes my heart sing and giving my time and art to kids that have to battle every day is my way of giving back,” Kelly McDonald, who runs Garden Babies Fine Fairy Art, said.

McDonald, of Frankston South, said she had spent a morning photographing patients at Monash Children’s Hospital “with a bunch of the best and it made my heart sing”.

First published in the Western Port News – 19 December 2018


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