Support for card trial


DUNKLEY MP Chris Crewther has said he would be “happy to support” a trial of a cashless welfare card system in Frankston.

The system being trialled interstate sees 80 per cent of money from Centrelink payments received by welfare recipients placed onto a card, where it cannot be withdrawn. The money on the card also cannot be used to buy alcohol or on gambling products.

The card has been trialled in four regions across Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia.

Mr Crewther said “the program helps kids get their school books and makes sure money is not used on drugs and alcohol.”

“I think this would be a good place to do a trial, I think the community would be supportive. I think all taxpayers would like to see that their money isn’t going towards drugs.”

He said Frankston would make a good location for a trial due to it having “one of the highest levels of welfare, much like Blacktown in NSW and other discussed trail locations.”

Frankston was touted as a potential location for a trial when the program was announced in 2016, but Mr Crewther said no minister has approached him to follow up since then.

The program has stirred some controversy, with small protests taking place at some of the trial locations.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 12 February 2019


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