Pillars a poll issue


The federal government may get involved in safety and accessibility issues at The Pillars cliff jumping site if Labor wins the May election.

The party’s candidate for Flinders, Joshua Sinclair says the 400 metre long “temporary” fence erected along the Esplanade at Mt Martha by Mornington Peninsula Shire should be replaced by a boardwalk.

Mr Sinclair says that if elected he will work closely with the shire “to ensure an environmentally appropriate, safe, and accessible boardwalk is built”. 

He says he has told “those living off the esplanade” that he wants to see a permanent solution to this issue and the wall gone. 

“The Pillars are a Mornington Peninsula institution,” Mr Sinclair said.

“Despite this unsightly wall, the place has still been flooded with tourists and locals all summer.

“Removing The Pillars wall and building an appropriate path is the first step in making this part of Mt Martha safe for pedestrians.”

While acknowledging that safety and access at The Pillars were not federal issues, Mr Sinclair said “it’s important for me to campaign and advocate with council on issues that the peninsula youth care about”.

“If a boardwalk is the best method, there could be a range of grants from multiple levels of government that [the shire] could apply for, and that’s the sort of thing I would work with them on.

“My role as a federal member would be to work with council on the best outcomes for the community and, in this case, young people on the peninsula.”

First published in the Mornington News – 26 March 2019


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