Frankston’s Ragged Boys Home to get a new wing


AT the last meeting of the committee of the Ragged Boys’ Home it was reported that 40 boys were in residence at the Frankston Home, and it was agreed that a new wing be added to the home. 

Mr. J. Menzies, M.L.A. the chairman, announced that a donation of £100 had been promised for this work. 

Mr. William Brown was elected a member of the committee, and Mr Rushberry was appointed assistant secretary.


THE date of the next meeting of the Frankston Progress Association has been moved forward a week to avoid the Easter holidays.


FRANKSTON Repatriation Committee. At the last weekly meeting of this body the resignation of Mr. V. N. Hyndes as hon. secretary was received and accepted. 

Mr Hyndes has removed up to the city end, and on account of his studies has seen the necessity of applying all his time to this. 

The committee recognise the very useful work he has done whilst associated with them. 

Cr Mason was appointed in his stead.


ATTENTION is directed to new advertisement appearing in this issue. 

Miss Nellie Thomson advises that she has taken over the dressmaking, millinery, and drapery business lately carried on by Mrs Lee in Young Street, and solicits a share of public patronage.


MESSRS May and Picking of Collins Street, Melbourne, announce the merits of “Stimla” which may be procured locally.


WESTERNPORT Fishing Sections: As the result of last week’s conference between the Chief Inspector of Fisheries, Mr. C.E. Semmens had the representative of the various fishing sections at Westernport, it is likely that regulations will be gazetted reducing the maximum weekly catch for each fisherman from seven bags to five bags of three bushels each. 

The object of this limitation will be to prolong the life of the deep sea beds, which, under netting conditions, is necessarily limited. 

Careful provision will also be made, it is understood, for the disposal of the dredged rubbish and oyster shells, attached to which are invariably a quantity of young oysters capable of attaching themselves to new beds if chosen with discrimination.

Feed and the nature of ocean current are the main considerations in the selection of such beds, but with the assistance of fishermen it is hoped to prolong the life of the oyster industry at Westernport, which was worth £8000 last year to the various fishingsections, for a considerable period.



Sir,— I would deem it a favor if you would publish this letter for the benefit of a certain class of the community who find themselves completely “fuddled” when called upon to exercise their brains. 

A statement in the circular my wife used to advertise her intention of opening a dancing class, appears to be the disturbing factor in this case. 

Such statement reads to the effect that she was, at some time, a pupil of Miss Jennie Brennan.

At least one person (of the species to whom “thinking means headache”) found cause to doubt the veracity of that statement, and went to the trouble of sending one of the circulars to Miss Brennan, evidently for verification purposes, or to obtain information that would show my wife to be sailing under false colors.

I can quite imagine the feeling of satisfaction the person in question would enjoy on hearing Miss Brennan answer that she “never had a Mrs Fielder as a pupil.” 

The fact that Mrs Fielder was “Miss Somebody” before she became “Mrs Somebody,” and that it was during the “Miss” period of her life that she was under tuition from Miss Brennan was too soft to penetrate the thick skulls of the “Fuddled Ones”.

Should any person of the class referred to feel that they would sleep more peacefully if they were in possession of my wife’s maiden name, I will give the consideration to any personal application at the address appended hereto.—Yours &c.,

J. H. FIELDER, “Erinville”, Playne St. Frankston.


Heard in the Train.

That the Frankston Welcome Home Committee are again getting busy, and intend launching an “extra special” in the Mechanics’ Hall on Friday, 2nd May. 

All are expected to join in and at least say “how-de-do” to our returned boys.

That a party of Frankston gentlemen had a merry motor spin to Chelsea, or thereabouts, the other evening.

That one genial sport of the party in making provision to protect his frame from the biting breeze experienced on the homeward journey, unwittingly succeeded in presenting a physiognomy so like “old Bill” of “Better ‘Ole” renown, that his companions roared with merriment.

That Messrs Brody and Mason’s Frankston market on Wednesday attracted a record attendance to compete for a record entry of produce.

That the market is a triumph for local enterprise, and is rapidly becoming one of the most important exchanges outside of Melbourne.

That Auctioneer Mason did not relish the task of submitting Major Condor’s well-known charger “Midnight” to auction. It was too significant of other charges looming ahead.

That Mornington footballers made a bad start for the season by failing to fulfil their engagement with the Frankston club last Saturday.

That Frankston players assembled in full force and were considerably disappointed at the non arrival of the neighboring team.

That the locals looked quite smart and business like in their new uniforms, and give promise of placing the red and black in a prominent position in the forthcoming competition.

That the Frankston team has a solid backer in the clubs president – Mr. E. J. Parker, while their Secretary, Mr Matt. Kemp, seems to have the happy knack of keeping players together.

That Frankston’s erstwhile champion “Smitho” donned the colors for the first time on Saturday since his German smashing exploits.

That quite a number of returned boys throughout the Peninsula are expected to do battle on the green during the competition matches.

That the Somerville Football Club has been re-formed under the most favorable auspices, and intends joining the association.

That the lads of the — — — intend putting in a strong claim for premiership honors this year.


MUNICIPAL Notices. Shire of Frankston, Hastings.

LIST OF DEFAULTING RATEPAYERS having been Compiled, of those owing General Rate, Separate Rate and Pan Fee Arrears in the above Shire, and Final Demands having been issued last July and August, TAKE NOTICE that if these Arrears are not paid within FOURTEEN DAYS from date hereof Legal Proceedings will be taken for their recovery – in every case.

JOHN E. JONES, Shire Secretary.

12th April, 1919.


Mornington Peninsula Football Association.

A GENERAL MEETING of all Football Clubs interested will be held at the Somerville Hotel at 8 p.m. sharp on Wednesday, April 23.

THOS. HUTCHINS, Secretary.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 19 April 1919

First published in the Mornington News – 16 April 2019


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