Bin lesson learned


CHARACTERISTIC resourcefulness has helped environmental campaigner Josie Jones clean up a mess alongside a Rye charity bin.

The bin, pictured, was full to overflowing with clothes scattered all around it. But, after doing some research and making a few calls, Ms Jones got some action. 

“Often, as a community member, things are not always as they seem and helping out is often the best way forward,” she said.

“I managed to find the guy in charge of these bins and learned a few things along the journey.”

Ms Jones was told that management changes and an audit meant the bin’s owners were not aware of all locations. This meant collections were sometimes delayed at this particular bin which is a “great resource for SIDS”.

Following on from her call the phone number and sticker have been updated, so if residents see donations piling up, they can call to have the bin emptied.

Recycling company Savers buys donated items by the kilogram and surplus goods are recycled.

“The bins are now tidy, empty and have a new life,” she said. 

“Job done, pre-Easter to the benefit of everyone.”                                          

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 23 April 2019


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