Shire points ahead on ‘satisfaction’ – mayor


MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire says survey results “show the community believes [the council’s] overall performance, customer service and waste management are all positive”.

The annual community satisfaction survey, independently conducted by telephone across shire households in February and March for the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, measures community perception on the performance of Victorian councils across a range of measures.

While a minimum of 400 interviews were conducted in 63 municipalities for the survey, the results for each council have not been published for the public by DELWP.

The mayor Cr David Gill said results for the peninsula show a three-point increase in waste management and a one-point increase in overall performance – both higher than the state-wide average.

“The results also show a four-point increase in satisfaction with the condition of sealed local roads,” Cr Gill said.

“We always seek to ensure fundamental council services such as roads and waste management are of the highest quality and we’re pleased the community believes we are delivering on that”.

It was “pleasing that out of all the core measures, council’s best performing area was customer service”.

“The survey results also indicate areas for improvement such as lobbying on behalf of the community; something council has put a strong emphasis on this year,” Cr Gill said.

“Council is dedicated to working closely with the community and prides itself on being accessible to residents and ratepayers. In fact, 69 per cent of those surveyed had made contact with council over the previous 12 months compared to 61 per cent of residents surveyed across Victoria.”

First published in the Western Port News – 2 October 2019


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