Calendar sales fight police PTSD


It’s a date: A large gathering at Hastings police station last week attended by Flinders MP Greg Hunt helped launch the $10 calendars and promote their message. Picture: Gary Sissons

PROCEEDS from the sale of the Hastings Police Senior Citizens Register 20th anniversary calendar are going to a good cause.

Money raised will assist in the fight against post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among police officers.

Register coordinator Denise Palmer said clients of the register had already bought 400 of the 1000 calendars for 2020 printed with the remaining 600 expected to sell quickly.

“We thought we were ambitious in aiming for fundraising of $10,000 but we are on target and will achieve it with the sale of the last 600 calendars,” she said.

The calendars are available at Hastings police station, 10am-12pm, Thursdays.

The register began in 2000 as a joint effort between the police and community volunteers. The free service aims to promote confident and secure living among senior citizens who receive a regular phone call or in-home visit as requested.

The visits are coordinated by a database at Hastings police station which enables police and emergency services staff to access personal information should it be needed in an emergency.

Ms Palmer said 1000 registered clients lived in the Western Port area from Baxter through the Shoreham.

First published in the Western Port Times – 30 October 2019


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