Mornington Peninsula COVID-19 Update – 22 March 2020


To take a break from what seems like endless bad news, for no other reason than it’s Sunday night and we all need a rest, we publish here Stuart McCullough’s shopping experiences, in the light of COVID-19, printed in his regular column in our newspapers –  “The Meaning of Existence… and other short stories”. We hope you enjoy it…


Key facts from today’s Victorian COVID-19 update:

  • Sixty-seven new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) were confirmed yesterday – bringing the total number of cases in Victoria to 296.
  • The new cases include 42 men and 25 women, with people aged from late teens to early eighties.
  • At the present time, there are three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Victoria that may have been acquired through community transmission.
  • Currently six people are recovering in hospital, and 70 people have recovered.
  • More than 22,900 Victorians have been tested to date.


Two sheets, per man, per day or…. how to survive the TP apocalypse

IT was a routine trip to the supermarket. Trouble was, I was about five days too late. Having refused to succumb to panic, I was instead faced with having my choices substantially limited.

Read the article here.


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