Not back to normal – yet


MORNINGTON Senior Sergeant Paul Edwards said the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions was “not the time to think everything’s back to normal”.

“People still need to be aware of the numbers allowed at gatherings and events and to make sure they keep to 1.5 metre distancing,” he said.

In a sign that many people think the danger has passed, parents have begun registering their children’s upcoming parties with the station.

“People will still need to use commonsense and to check the Department of Human Services’ guidelines to ensure they know what is and isn’t allowed.”

Senior Sergeant Edwards said police were happy with the way peninsula residents had conducted themselves during the pandemic, and that sensible behaviour meant “less than five” fines were issued to those flouting the rules.

The danger has not passed, however. “If we see people blatantly flouting the rules they will still receive $1652 fines,” he said.

“People around here have been responsible and we hope that continues.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 2 June 2020


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