Somerville school concert lauded


A CONCERT in aid of School Funds was given by the pupils of the Somerville State School on Monday night, May 24th.

The programme was a lengthy one and reflects great credit on the teachers and scholars.

The organising of a school concert entails a vast amount of work and unlimited patience, and the teachers, Mr. Uren and Mrs. Cole, deserve all the laudatory remarks heard concerning them.

Everything went through without a hitch, and judging by the beaming smiles on the faces of the audience, each item was thoroughly enjoyed.

Over £17 was realised at the door, so the house was possibly a record one.

The decorations, attended to by Mr F. Thornell, were very tasteful indeed.

Mr. Murray proved an efficient chairman, and at the conclusion of the programme, spoke in favorable terms of the nights’ entertainment.

Mr. Uren responded suitably, and moved that a hearty vote of thanks be passed to the members of the School Committee and others who had given great assistance in fixing the stage and other arrangements.

This was seconded by Mr. G. Shepherd and carried with acclamation.


MONTHLY meeting of Shire Council next Thursday.


IT is likely that a referendum on the question of the sale of the Shire Hall site at Somerville will be held early next month.


TWO guns, trophies of the war, have been allotted to this Shire, one for Frankston and the other for Hastings.


MR Ball, of Mentone Grammar School, will visit Frankston on Monday. next, to interview parents.


THE Wattle Club is combining with the Progress Association in arranging a welcome to the sailors of H.M.S. Renown, who will visit Frankston on Sunday, 6th June.

It is desired that business houses should be decorated for the occasion.

Donations to the reception fund are invited, and same will be received by Miss D. Gregory, or Mr Wheeler.


WE are pleased to welcome such an experienced teacher as Mr Manson to our town, and hope sufficient inducement in the number of scholars will make his settlement amongst us for all time, an accomplished fact.


MR E. Reynolds is spending a holiday in Frankston.


MR and Mrs A. G. Wilcox intend leaving Frankston next month. A meeting is being arranged to organise public farewell.


Frankston Brass Band

A most satisfactory response has been made in answer to the advertisement for young men to learn to play in the above, and already the number of members of the band has been satisfactorily increased.

There are still a few vacancies left.

Hop in while the chance to obtain expert tuition is still good.

Practices are on Monday nights, at Fire Station.


MEMBERS of the Frankston Cricket Club spent a very enjoyable evening at Frankston House on Saturday, 15th May.

Dr. C. Maxwell, the president of the club, presided.

Apologies were received from Mr D. Kennedy (the club’s captain), Dr. Mackeddie and others who were unable to be present.

Varied entertainment helped to pass a pleasant hour, after which, at the invitation of Dr. Maxwell, a dainty supper was partaken of.

The presentation of trophies won during the season just concluded was made.

Mr Ben Baxter was successful in securing the best averages both in batting and bowling, and in presenting him with two valuable bats, Dr. Maxwell complimented the winner on his prowess in the field of sport.

The Frankston club, he said, was fortunate in possessing a player of such high calibre, and hoped that next season would again see Mr Baxter in his best form on the cricket field.

The trophies were the gifts of Dr Mackeddie and the president.

Ray Baxter received the trophy for the played making the most catches during the season, presented by Mrs B. Baxter.

Mr B. Baxter, in returning thanks, emphatically stated that Frankston had fairly won the Peninsula premiership, despite the fact that they had been placed third on the list by the Association delegates.

Dr. Maxwell took the opportunity of thanking the Shire Council for so readily acceding to the club’s request for the laying down of an asphalt wicket. That special thanks be sent to Cr Mason for the, support he had given.

Cr Mason in reply said the Council owed something to the cricket club for improvements effected to the park in years gone by.

If the club showed an interest in the reserve they were now using he believed the Council would not be slow to give further assistance.

In supporting the vote of thanks to the Press, Mr B. Box said that next season Frankston hoped to be playing with an association of clubs along the line as far as Mordialloc.

Warm thanks were tendered to the Misses Hay and Box for providing room at Frankston House for the use of the Club.


Heard in the Train

On Sunday, 6th June, the Blue jackets of the H.M.S. Renown will be welcomed at Frankston.

The Wattle Club have the arrangements in hand in co-operation with the Progress Association, and although the Prince’s sailors will not remain in Frankston for more than half-an-hour, it is proposed to give them, during that time a fair sample of “concentrated enthusiasm.”

It is persistently rumoured that the Prince himself won’t be very far away on the occasion.

The Shire President, (Cr D. E. Hoban), has been invited to attend and officially extend a welcome on behalf of the people of the Shire of Frankston and Hastings.

On the afternoon of the same day the Wattle Club will entertain a large number of soldiers from the hospitals.

A bumper house greeted the Frankston pictures last Saturday night.

Next week the show takes place on Wednesday night, as usual.

The public meeting at Seaford last Saturday night dealt with Kananook Creek question in very thorough fashion.

People are beginning to realise that the creek is not only a menace to public health, but, like Frankston’s light supply, is detrimental to the progress of the district.

Some people will take risks where the matter of health alone is concerned, but are prepared to fight if vested interests are threatened.

The creek is a double barrelled danger, and the sooner Mr Tom McComb’s “Kananook River” is again a real, live, flowing concern, the better it will be for everybody.

Frankston Progress Association’s monthly meeting was largely attended on Tuesday night, and half-a-dozen new members were enrolled.

The “motion” to prohibit Sunday bathing did not materialise, the intending proposer intimating that he had been having a little “joke.”

It certainly served its purpose. Even the joker was joked.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 28 May 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 2 June 2020


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