Cop this, Lolly sings (well, almost) like a bird


LOLLY the parrot, a regular at Hastings police station, was more than happy to face the camera with her owner Sergeant Sarah Blackmore and Senior Sergeant Warren Francis-Petser. Picture: Gary Sissons

A COLOURFUL character often seen hanging around at Hastings police station sings like a bird. But she’s not snitching on her accomplices or leaking details of her latest crime

“Lolly” the eclectus parrot, is a natural chatterbox who provides a welcome morale boost to officers during their COVID-19 experience.

The three-year-old with her bright red and purple/blue plumage is the prized pet of Sergeant Sarah Blackmore who takes her to work for her novelty value and companionship. Lolly was a gift from an Army friend posted overseas who needed to find a home for her.

Senior Sergeant Warren Francis-Pester said Lolly was a delightful visitor. “She’s really good for the troops to have around and brightens up the place with her chatter,” he said.

First published in the Western Port News – 12 August 2020


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