Frankston Postmistress departs for Mornington


ON Monday night last, Miss Mackay was entertained at a farewell social, on the eve of her departure for Mornington.

The Mechanics’ Hall was very prettily decorated for the occasion.

Dr Mackeddie presided, and while the function was organised by Frankston Presbyterians to mark their appreciation of Miss Mackay’s activities on behalf of the Church, the very large and representative gathering present made the occasion one of general public importance, and indicated the high esteem in which Miss Mackay is held by all sections of the community.

Despite inclement weather, visitors were present from far distant centres, and a highly successful evening resulted.

An attractive, musical programme was contributed by Miss Dulcie Logan, Mr Ferney and Master Keith Tait.

The Rev. G. J. Murphy. B.A., said the Presbyterians of Frankston owed a debt of gratitude to Miss Mackay, who had worked with such astonishing success on behalf of the Church.

In referring to Miss Mackay’s efforts on behalf of the building fund, the speaker commended her enthusiasm and love for the Church of her fathers.

Cr. W. P. Mason said the community generally regretted the departure of Miss Mackay, who as Postmistress at Frankston, had proved a painstaking and capable official and given universal satisfaction.

Rev. A. Brodie counted it a great privilege to know Miss Mackay. She had done much for the Presbyterian Church in Frankston, and would always be remembered as one who did what she could for the Church she loved so well.

Dr. Maxwell was pleased to see such a large attendance, which in itself proved the esteem in which Miss Mackay was held by the people, amongst whom she had worked so efficiently for many years.

Rev. Angwin (Methodist), Mr Bell (Missionary in charge at Frankston), and Councillor Oates also spoke.

An apology was read from Rev A. P Macfarlane, (Anglican), who was unable to be present owing to illness.

The Chairman read an address from the members of the Church, which is to be illuminated and presented to Miss Mackay at a later date.

He then called on Miss Norah Cameron, who handed Miss Mackay a beautiful bouquet.

Miss Mackay, in reply, said she did not like leaving so many friends.

A sum of £500 had been raised, out of which £330 had been paid for the purchase of land, and £171 was in the bank for the Church building fund.

She specially mentioned Miss Feltmann and Miss Elliott as having rendered very valuable assistance in the work of collecting. (Applause)

After refreshments had been partaken of the proceedings closed with the singing of Auld Lang Syne and the National Anthem.


Cr Stephens (Mornington Shire) was a new face at the school committees association at Frankston on Monday night August 2nd.

Mr A. Corlett, (Langwarrin) was also a new attendant.

Both gentlemen stand high in public esteem in their respective districts and their assistance should prove a valuable asset to the infant association.


MR C. Tait and Mr W. Mulvane of Frankston, with their families are taking a trip to Brisbane and Sydney for health reasons.


MR Geo. May is spending a month in Queensland for the benefit of his health.


FALSE Rumours

IT has come to my knowledge that some busy-body has circulated rumours that I have disposed of my Drapery Business in Bay Street, Frankston.

I hereby intimate to the public of Frankston and surrounding districts that such rumors are false and without foundation.

Furthermore, I have no intention of giving up my business.

Yours Respectfully,



MORNINGTON and Hastings met for the third time this season last Saturday, when the match was played on the latter’s oval – which was wet and slippery after the heavy rains which had fallen during the week.

Both teams took the field confident of winning, but the visitors ran out winners by the narrow margin of three points after a good tussle.

Hastings were without the services of Joe Ryan, who was missed on the back line.

Umpire Nugent had charge of the game, but didn’t give satisfaction to either side, as he allowed a lot of breaches to go unpenalised.

Mornington was the first to attack from the bounce, and point was soon registered followed shortly afterwards by a goal from Golds.

Bowen forwarded and Jim Ryan, from a free, scored first-point for the home team.

From the kick-off Olsen forwarded, and, after a lot of centre play, Patterson raised both flags for the visitors.

Golds, Wilson and Buckley for the visitors, and Bowen, Woolley, Floyd and Carmichael for the home team, were very conspicuous.

Woolley forwarded, but Johnson returned. O’Neil, Ryan, and Bowen got it to Foster, who booted a sixer for Hastings. Mornington attacked again, but Langholtz relieved, and Jim Ryan and Longmuir forwarded, but Buckley and Williams returned, and the latter scored a point.

Francis, Carmichael, Mirabella, and Bowen soon had it in the visitor’s danger zone, but Sanderson and Williams relieved the situation, and Sherlock added a point.

The scores were then 2.5 to 1.1— Mornington having the better of it.

Harrison forwarded, but Langholtz and Floyd returned, but Hutchins got it to Williams, who scored a single.

Floyd and O’Neill forwarded, and Francis, from free, added a single.

Francis returned to Campbell, but, marking nicely, he missed an easy chance.

Olsen passed to Bidgood, and he added six points to Mornington’s tally.

Mirabella and Longmuir gave a chance to Foster, who only added a point. but Allen drove it back to Foster, and this time he got the goal from an acute angle.

O’Neill, Allen, and Longmuir sent it well up, but Hutchins relieved, but a free to Bowen gave Ryan a chance, and he made the best of it.

Allen and Campbell tipped it to Foster, and another goal came.

Sanderson, Williams and Olsen added points for Mornington, then, thanks to Campbell and Francis, Carmichael got a goal, giving Hastings the advantage – 5.4 to 8.9.

Golds passed, from the bounce, to Buckley, who piled on another goal for Mornington’s benefit.

Bowen and Buckley were playing well. Sanderson added a single, and then Floyd and Woolley forwarded, but there was no one there, and Golds and Patterson returned.

Mirabella and O’Neill drove it to Campbell, whose shot hit the post.

Wilson and Buckley gave Williams a very easy chance, but he missed it.

The next feature was a nice run by Woolley.

Knox passed to Joseph, and his shot added a goal to Hastings’ score, making the tally read 6.5 to 4.1 – still Hastings’ game.

With seven points to the good, Hastings looked good winners, but they seemed to die away, and Mornington took advantage of it.

Ryan scored a goal, but Bowen had a try, which went wide, leaving Mornington winners.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 13 August 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 18 August 2020


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