Charges over ‘assault with fake gun’


A HASTINGS police sergeant drew her gun and prepared to fire at a man who aimed what was later found to be an imitation firearm at her colleague.

The dramatic confrontation, at Hastings, occurred during an alleged family violence incident which quickly escalated, 8pm, Sunday 13 December.

Detective Senior Sergeant Tony Henry, of Somerville CIU, said seven police and detectives rushed to the Simon Street property after receiving triple zero calls from neighbours.

He said they were met by an “aggressive” man who allegedly pointed what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle at them.

Police will allege the man pulled the trigger – firing what was later found to be a gel capsule – at the leading officer.

The officer called out “imitation firearm” and the sergeant – who could have assumed a real gun had been fired – holstered her weapon before a real round was fired.

The man, 51, was taken to hospital suffering chest pains. He appeared at Frankston Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Monday) charged with family violence offences as well as assaulting police, assaulting an emergency worker, and assault with a weapon. He will likely appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court at a later date. Detective Henry said up to a dozen of the imitation firearms were seized from the man’s home.

“These types of incidents impose incredible pressure on members who are called upon to make critical decisions in the heat of the moment,” he said.

First published in the Western Port News – 16 December 2020


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