Watch out for koalas


A CLOSE encounter with a koala has prompted a plea for drivers to watch out for the ungainly-on-the-ground tree dwellers.

Sheree Stewart contacted The News to warn that a koala had been on the road between McCrae and Mornington during the morning of Friday 12 December.

“They are an endangered species and I’m not sure if he got away, but people need to be aware on the highway that this is happening and that perhaps we should look at animal-proof fencing to protect the shire’s wildlife from 100 kilometre and hour speeding vehicles.

“Western Australia uses animal-proof fencing and wildlife bridge corridors to preserve wildlife along its highways.

“With koalas as in trouble as they are after last bushfire season, we need to do something.”

Ms Stewart said koalas often dodged traffic on the highway between Rosebud and Mornington to access roadside eucalypts.

For wildlife rescue on the Mornington Peninsula call 1300 094 535 or 0477 555 611.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 22 December 2020


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