Explain non-vote


MORNINGTON Peninsula residents who did not to vote in last year’s council elections will be sent “please explain” notices by the Victorian Electoral Commission.

The VEC says it may send an infringement notice and a penalty of $83 to anyone who doesn’t respond to the letter, or doesn’t provide a sufficient reason for not voting.

Around 350,000 letters will be sent out statewide. The letters are due back to the VEC within 28 days.

“This notice is not a fine. It’s your chance to explain why you appear not to have voted, if this is the case. This is a question that must be asked of those who appear not to have voted,” electoral commissioner Warwick Gately said.

“Please complete and send the notice back within the 28-day timeframe so that we can consider your explanation.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 16 February 2021


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