Heritage hold-up for skaters ‘80s style’ park


CONSTRUCTION of the long-promised skate park at Mt Martha is on hold while Heritage Victoria assesses a master plan for the historic parade grounds near Mt Martha House.

The plan drawn up by Mornington Peninsula Shire includes the skate park, “additional pathways, a barbecue shelter, nature-based play space, bins, bike racks and other minor landscaping”, according to chief operating officer, Alison Leighton.

Ms Leighton said more than 20 comments had been received about the skate park’s “preferred concept design”.

At least one of those submitted comments criticises the skate park plan as being out of date.

“We have been looking forward to seeing something at least similar in format to the Balnarring facility – a modern style concept with a bowl as a basic minimum requirement,” a Mt Martha grandfather who did not want to be named stated.

“The proposed plan is similar to Dunn’s Rd which is an out of date concept. Even two year olds enjoy sliding down the bowl at Balnarring on their backsides.”

The man said he regularly drove his five-year-old grandson to the skate park at Civic Reserve in Dunns Rd, Mornington, as well as Hastings and Balnarring.

“The population in and around Mt Martha is more than adequate to deserve a facility much better than this proposal. I am not saying larger in area but please, something that is appropriate in 2015.”

“I know this proposal is also a relocation of the original plan and I can’t help but wonder if this whole thing is a compromise on what was originally planned.

“This proposal is inadequate for bikes, scooters and skateboards ridden by teenagers in particular.”

Ms Leighton said the “has been working closely with Mt Martha residents, including workshops with local young people interested in developing a skate park”.

She said the community consultation phase had ended.

“The skate park plans, along with the more extensive site master plan for the area in the immediate vicinity within the historic parade grounds, are being assessed by Heritage Victoria for works approval.

“It is expected Heritage Victoria will decide on this application in November.

“Once the works approval has been issued by Heritage Victoria, the shire will tender the works with a view to begin [the six-month] construction next year.”

First published in the Mornington News – 3 November 2015


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