Busy callouts


WILD weather last week saw crews from Volunteer Marine Rescue at Mornington and Hastings called out to several rescues.

VMR spokesman Tim Warner said the Mornington crew was called out last Wednesday at 5pm to search for a man missing near Frankston pier

“We launched the boat within 15 minutes of receiving the call from Water Police and arrived at the search area 15 minutes later,” he said.

“Unfortunately, a short time after we arrived the Police Air Wing spotted the person who was deceased. Our thoughts go to the family, and all volunteers who attended.”

Mr Warner said the crew returned to Mornington and received a call that a kite surfer was in trouble off Mt Martha. The crew arrived to find the wind had swung from north to west and the kite surfer had simply “run out of wind. A short time later the wind was up and the sailor shot back to the beach”.

He said VMR volunteers had experienced a few late nights last week. “At 10pm on Tuesday evening, Mornington was called to assist a vessel off Patterson River that had run out of fuel.

“Our Hastings crew has also been busy with a 10pm call to assist a vessel off Corinella with a damaged propeller as well as calls at 2.50am on Tuesday for a yacht aground off Hastings, at 10pm for a vessel with a failed water pump, at 9.30pm for a vessel with a flat battery, a 3pm for two kayaks stuck on a mud bank, and at 9.30am for a vessel that had lost oil pressure in its motor.”

To report a person or vessel in trouble, call Water Police on 1800 135 729, 000 or VMR on 0419 233 999.

First published in the Mornington News – 1 December 2015


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