Consciences, consequences and candidates


CANDIDATES for the Flinders electorate have been invited to speak at a forum in Dromana on Wednesday 29 June.

The candidates will be asked to explain their views on “conscience issues” such as marriage, euthanasia and abortion.

The forum will come a week after Pastor Rob Ward, former Victorian director of Australian Christian Lobby, explained what the major parties “plan to endorse as normal in marriage and education and how your vote can change the very fabric of our society for generations”.

“Economic policies, education, climate change and health spending, all of these are important but how about what is morally right? What is right for our nation, right for our future, for our children and our grandchildren?” the Rev Michael Wishart said.

“There are big issues at stake here that are not being covered in the media. As a Christian, you can take this opportunity to be informed and to prayerfully consider how to vote on 2 July.”

The Meet the Candidates Forum, 7.30pm-9.30pm Wednesday 29 June, Dromana Presbyterian Church, cnr Pier and Gibson streets.



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