App invention has deals flocking

’appy times: Anthony Cincotta show off his new app, ifloc. Picture: Jarryd Bravo

’appy times: Anthony Cincotta show off his new app, ifloc. Picture: Jarryd Bravo

A MORNINGTON man is hoping to take the world by storm with his new deal-based app, ifloc.

Anthony Cincotta’s ultra-local app will send people notifications of deals available within a one kilometre radius of their location.

“It is aimed to help businesses capture the market of people currently nearby, and to create a more instantaneous result,” said Mr Cincotta.

That differs significantly from other deal applications, that offer deals with a much larger geographical location.

“The idea is that somebody might be walking down Main Street Mornington, and deals will pop up on their screen as they walk.

“They can get real dollar savings as they go about their day, without having to print off coupons or vouchers like other deal offerings”.

As for the businesses, they will be able to log on anywhere in the world and create deals to better capture nearby business.

It is hoped that this automation will lead to uptake in georgraphical locations far and wide.

“We are starting it in Mornington, and just ironing out a few kinks to get it right, and then we hope it will organically roll out to other areas as businesses see the benefits of the app,” said Mr Cincotta.

ifloc was a year in the making with Mr Cincotta working with business partner, Nick Waite, to bring the idea to fruition.

ifloc will be officially launched at the Main Street Mornington Festival on Sunday 16 October.

The ifloc app is available at both the Apple app store and Android Play app store for download now. or

First published in the Mornington News – 11 October 2016


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